Sunday 28 April 2013

KCW: Pants part three

Another pair of old maternity jeans cut up. Another pair of After School Pants.

This time I left off any fancy topstitching and just did a single thread edgestitch to get the seams to lay flat. But I did choose the frilly option of view B. Fourth time round for this pattern and I got a bit clever thinking I knew what I was doing. Of course I sewed a panel on the wrong way, couldn't work out why it was too long and almost trimmed the bottom off thinking I'd miscut the fabric. Thankfully I realised my mistake or they might have become shorts!

Using a worn pair of jeans meant that there's a bit of colour variation where the panels meet, but the denim is so nice and soft compared to the new, stiff stuff I touch and then don't buy in the big fabric store.

The patterned fabric is a Japanese lawn from Spotlight that I teamed with denim here as well.

I had thought I'd try for a fourth pair of pants this week, but with only one sewing night left in Kid's Clothes Week I'm not tempted to start something that I won't finish. I'm actually looking forward to packing up and having a night off from tomorrow.

So what to do tonight? I've heard it said that the Roller Skate dress is a trace, cut and sew in 1 night pattern, so I think I might try. I'm after a bit of instant gratification and it will tick one more of my unused patterns off the list.

I'm really looking forward to having a bit of time to look at everyone else's creations and catch up on some beautifully clothed and photographed kids on blogs out there.

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