Wednesday 24 April 2013

Kid's Clothes Week 3/7ths and my first submisison

It was never going to be a sprint off the line when I chose to start my Kid's Clothes Week with the Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants.

But these pants are awesome. There's such a lot of work with all the pockets, front, back and expandable side pockets and then all that topstitching. But gee they're worth the effort.

Whenever I ask P what colour he would like for something he always says "red AND green" which I figure will be fine come Christmas time, but otherwise I'm not quite with him, so to speak. The last pair of these pants had green topstitching so these have red. There. I'm really a pretty obliging mum after all.

This time I cranked up the elastic at the back as well so they should stay nice and high!

No time for nice modelled photos and the weather has just turned to rain again, so we're stuck indoors. I'm being attacked by two small people with Duplo guns as I type. At least they built them themselves, sigh. One is a Megablaster that can blast through my forcefield. The other one, I'm told,  is Me Baby One.

I only get to sew (or do anything in peace it seems) after bed time. So I'll start something else tonight to keep to the pledge of at least an hour a day. The Flickr pool for Kid's Clothes Week is looking fantastic. I could spend hours of non sewing time finding inspiration in there. But mostly I love that it all looks like spring, while I'm feeling immersed in winter already.


  1. Your stitching looks perfect!

    1. Thank you. I'm loving the double thread tip from Heidi over at the Oliver + S forum.


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