Friday 26 April 2013

KCW: Pants Pride!

A little while ago I posed the question to the clever crowd who frequent the Oliver + S forum of how to get the best topstitching effect. One answer intrigued me; With Love Heidi (A moniker that sounds friendly but a bit Bond girl as well) suggested using regular thread but doubling it up.

I'm happy to say this is superb advice. I've been topstitching like a fiend recently. It's far easier to thread two lots of regular thread than trying to thread a needle with topstitching thread. And that's even after I bought some special "embroidery" sewing needles. The definition that it gives is really nice, and as importantly, it saves buying reels of topstitching weight thread that then can't be used for anything else.

Speaking of reels of thread that never get used again, here's a few reels of thread that I bought ages ago to decorate the edges of some waffled cotton dribble rags for my then newborn.

I don't know what the official length of these thread reels is, but they seem to be never-ending. I immediately wondered what it might look like to use double thread of variegated cotton to do topstitching...

Here's the answer:

Really gay! (Not That There's Anything Wrong With That)

Someone with a bit more imagination than me might have guessed that I'd end up with a pair of rainbow pants, but I confess I really didn't see it coming.

But you know what, I  kinda like them. This is not at all my usual colour scheme. The fabric is a very weird, synthetic stretch, ribbed suiting that I picked up so cheap that these pants probably cost about 80 cents. I don't think they'll ever wear out and certainly won't require ironing or any care.

What's more, Australia desperately needs more pairs of gay pride pants on toddlers. We are being embarrassingly left behind when it comes to marriage equality. No less than 14 countries have legalised same sex marriage, yet it's something we can't even get a conscience vote on in our parliament.

For heaven's sake, even New Zealand are OK with it. Now they're not just 2 hours ahead of us but about 50 years ahead culturally.

So here's another photo of my Pride Pants:


And finally, let's let the pants themselves have the last word:

Right on, little pair of gay, polyester pants, I hear what you're saying.
Loud and proud!


  1. Couldn't agree more.
    Wear your 'care free' trousers with pride Little Man!

    1. Oh, I forgot to note, it's the little sister who'll be rocking proud in these pants. Size 2
      When he was a baby P had a little star romper that made him look just like Daffyd (the only gay in the village) from Little Britain. Cracked me up.

  2. Topstitching looks better than the thick T/S thread I use and comes unstitched in the wash. What needle did you use: a jeans or universal with a big eye?
    FYI Canada allowed gay marriages back in 2005.

    1. Just a regular 80/12 universal needle (that was probably onto it's third pair of pants by these ones!). It's really easy to thread the needle, so long as the threads are trimmed to the same length and then give 'em a lick. I also found I didn't have to mess with the needle thread tension like I did when I used topstitching thread.

  3. Oh this is great. Good work. And frankly I'm surprised the land of Oz isn't at the forefront of gay marriage rights! Hehe.

  4. Great pants and I'm sure my rainbow friends would approve!
    Don't knock the kiwis: NZ gave its indigenous people equal rights with the British in 1840; women the right to vote in 1893; homosexuality law reform for the entire nation in 1986; and now the marriage equality bill has been passed so I don't think we can ever be accused of being backward! (especially when compared to our neighbors)....

    1. Oh I know there's a lot more to New Zealand than Dave Dobbins and sheep, and I can add to your list above of times when I'd have rathered be a Kiwi than an Aussie when it comes to being a proud citizen of the world! If only we could approach keeping up with the kiwis as a progressive nation in the same way as a sporting contest. If Australian politics takes yet another retrograde conservative step i might be filling in those emigration papers... (do you have houses or do we all have to live in hobbit holes?!)

  5. Houses for all but the smallest people... And also, perhaps, for half of Christchurch! And we even have traffic lights, color television, and flushing toilets (except for parts of Christchurch again...)
    Interestingly, it seems much easier for disillusioned Aussies to move East than it is for us to migrate to the 'lucky country' and be treated as equals... The ANZAC spirit alive and well only on April 25


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