Thursday 4 April 2013

Gifts for new friends

I have two new friends, who've only just been born, but I like their families, and so I assume I'll like them, and hope they'll like me.
Anyway, I've made them a blanket each.

This blanket has become a bit of a go-to gift for new baby friends, on the proviso that neither of their parents can sew. They seem to look impressive enough, while really being quite simple. I made a few for P before he was born, and they still serve well as car blankets or play blankets.

I buy about 1.5 metres each of a printed cotton, or polycotton, and the same of polar fleece. The fleece edges are folded up, the cotton edges are folded down, and then the two are sewn together. A somewhat fancy sewing machine stitch makes it look nice....

Finally, 'cause the blanket is so quick to make, I feel guilty about not making a fancy quilt, so I do some hand stitching to put the little tackers' name on the blanket. This bit is fun. I take advantage of the ability to get MyFont to preview any word in any font. Click "save picture as" and you've got the name you want in the font you want. Scale to size through the printer and print backwards (select T-Shirt transfer as paper type) and then use fusible web to stick those letters down.

Then I just hope my hand stitching will survive the inevitable spills, messes and machine washing.

Welcome little babies. I look forward to getting to know you.

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