Saturday 13 April 2013

Mini Moschino via Oliver + S

At least for today, it would be best not to ask why....

It's a mother's prerogative to make her daughter a replica trenchcoat and trousers from the Moschino Autumn/Winter collection of 2001. Am I not right?

And obviously it's a two year old's prerogative to decide how to model said outfit. It seems she won't do sultry and sensible for less than $10,000 (worth of lollies)
Since I'm not going to explain the why, I'll address the question of how the outfit was created.
I already have an awesome pattern for a trench coat in the Oliver + S Secret Agent Trench Coat but the more I looked at the Moschino version the more I realised a straight up trench would never do. This trench had to had a set in sleeve not a raglan sleeve, but then I'd topstitch it to look like a raglan sleeve. Dumb Clever huh?
And so I combined the School Days Coat sleeves with the Secret Agent's length and collar to get my Moschino trench coat
Guess what? I saved  a lot of time by not making pockets, shoulder flaps, epaulettes, a belt, belt loops... Just faked them all with topstitching!

I kept referencing back to Fashion Channel on youtube where, amazingly, the runway show has been captured and posted for all time. That music eventually did my head in and my darling IT guru Flipper* came to the rescue with some screen captures and printed photos for me to work from. That allowed me to see the shoulder details, the back, sides and trousers and so my aim became to perfectly match the ensemble with my sewing.
I added a little elastic at the centre back of the jacket as without a functional belt it was looking very boxy. I know two year old's don't really have defined waists anyway but it is Moschino darling, let's try to make it flattering to the figure.
 My self drafted facing for this hybrid pattern kind of worked. Just don't look too closely at the buttonholes that are half on - half off the facing. The lining was again, a combination of the two patterns, which caused a bit of a bodgy compromise at the kick pleat, but it works, just not as neatly as I'd have liked. For those who are starting to get to know my style, the choice of pink mermaid lining may come as a bit of a shock. No I am not giving up my largely beige preferences and yielding to my daughter's ferocious will. The mermaids were an obvious choice, just don't ask why until tomorrow... Fabric: Sarah Jane Deep Sea Jewel collection
Finally, a pair of trousers. Again Oliver + S to the rescue with the Sketchbook shirt and shorts pattern. I lengthened the shorts to create a somewhat narrowed, straight leg with a big cuff. A nice quick sew, as I left off the pockets and just continued the fake it with topstitching theme.

So there we are. A mini knock-off Moschino outfit using under $20 worth of a lovely soft brushed cotton drill and some sweet Sarah Jane pink stuff. Of course, it's not the tiniest bit practical for a little kid who loves jumping in muddy puddles, and to be honest, she really doesn't like it. But I've convinced her that granny may take her to the horse races wearing this outfit (it would crack me up to enter her in the fashion on the field competition) and since she thinks that means she can go horse riding, she's bang up for it!
Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to come back tomorrow!
* "they call him Flipper, Flipper, Flipper, faster than Lightning..." See, it's really quite complimentary honey.


  1. Wow!!!! Totally awesome sewing:) I love the lining...:)

  2. I have been waiting for this and you have not disappointed me!

    1. ha ha thanks. I look forward to your dress version. I like the idea of a once a year haute couture imitation sewing task....

  3. soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Thanks. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your creations on your blog. Sadly I don't speak Polish, but the Google translation was hilarious!


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