Sunday 14 April 2013

Kill Bill: Vol 1 - Film Petit Gatecrash

I tried creating a flow chart to organise the thought processes that leads a busy, working mother to create a knock-off Moschino trenchcoat and trousers for her two year old daughter, but looking at the scribbled page beside me, it makes no more sense than before.

Let's see if this can be explained.....

 Film Petit is breathtakingly awesome. If you haven't already been floored by the beautiful, hilarious, creative and sometimes just wrong outfits that these two and their co-collaborators create then please go have a look.
I LOVE Film Petit and desperately wanted to play along but without a blog there's no chance of joining in. Without something as fun to contribute to as Film Petit there seemed little point in a sewing blog. Ergo blog created. Now what to do next...

I had some leftover, stretchy, white polyester fabric from P's Evel Knievel jumpsuit which is too nasty for regular clothes but perfect for a costume.....

The white fabric immediately made me think of Elle Driver in her nurse outfit from Quentin Tarantino's film Kill Bill: Vol 1. Was I comfortable with the idea of dressing my beautiful, na├»ve two year old as a violent psychopathic killer? Sure, it's kind of for art's sake right? But, oddly, I wasn't entirely at ease with the short, tight, nurse uniform. I mean it's a bit tarty/trashy right?

But then, a little bit of movie watching and, of course, the SUIT. I mean I'd kill for a suit like this, so why not make one for A. So, whistling (creepily) while I worked, I scoured the net for more images, found the Fashion Channel Moschino link and got sewing.

Of course, before I got sewing I had to go out and buy some fabric as I was never going to make a trenchcoat and trousers out of the nasty, white polyester, now was I? (this is where the flowchart got to me as the failure to link back to the need to use up my fabric stash was really obvious when it was drawn out on paper)
So, if you're with me, here is the reason for making a blog, and a Moschino suit, and an eyepatch and handbag to match:
While I was meticulous about the coat and trousers matching the original Moschino suit, I confess to not being much of a handbag lady, so forgive me if you're screaming at the screen that my bag is not a proper {insert famous tote bag here}!

I made my little tote bag by scaling down from this one which comes from one of the Japanese pattern books I have. The 66% downsize also meant I had exactly enough of my Sarah Jane mermaid fabric leftover from lining the coat.
Have you guessed why it had to be mermaid lining yet? Pretty obvious huh. It's my little tribute to Ms Hannah and a joke for those of us old enough to remember 1984

My mini Elle's eyepatch was a home invented job using a bit of quilting template plastic covered with fabric and topstitched to match everything else. The tricky part was getting it to stay on. I'm guessing Darryl Hannah had a few bobby pins under that perfect hair, as well as a lot more sitting still for the hair and make up artist than I was permitted by my starlet. Oh, and Ms Hannah probably hadn't just come home from daycare with heaps of sunscreen all through her locks either (what is it with daycare teachers and sunscreen in the hair?!)
This is not a grumpy face but actually an attempt at copying my whistling while eating a lolly.
I had far too much fun creating this outfit and presenting it. Thankfully A was more obliging than I could have wished for.....
Although it was her brother standing in as a lighting test subject who nailed the walk (but gee he's mad that he still can't learn to whistle. I'm not.)
And full credits to Flipper (as photographer) for holding his nerve in the hospital corridors and humouring me.
Here's the point where, had I been invited to play I'd say thanks for having me. Instead I'll say thanks for inspiring me. If you haven't checked out the brilliance of Film Petit then get on the bandwagon now. Over and out.....


  1. Ahh..I was wondering:):) this is great, love it:)

  2. This is very cool but surely you'll use the trench coat in real life?!? It is too clever just for dress up.

    1. Sure, I think it's actually a really cute outfit too, without the eye patch obviously.

  3. You have no idea how happy this makes me!! Seriously, this movie has always been at the top of our list to do, but it's not exactly easy finding someone with such specific movie tastes, and sick sense of humor, AND awesome sewing skills. You are amazing. And the photo shoot setting is perfect. and the accessories. AND EVERYTHING!

    1. Blushing. Thank you. I really didn't want to gatecrash, and I was horrified that I might be about to pre-empt something you'd been working on, but how were you to know what a sicko I was without me putting it out there :) (for me, I knew I was on target when I read the ashes in the face bit from the Big Lebowski)
      So now I feel like I've burst into the prom, made some crazy dance move right in front of everyone, and I'm hoping it all ends well....
      In case I haven't said it enugh I've LOVED what you're doing with your sewing and Film Petit series.

  4. This is so fabulous! Really, more toddlers need to be wearing knock off Moschino inspired by psychopath style icons.

    I was just thinking of this scene in Kill Bill this week because I have had a hideous sty and was so sick of hiding behind sunglasses that I wanted to make an Elle Driver style eye patch.

    And so glad to find you have a blog now, I've always loved seeing your things on Flickr but this is even better.

    1. Thanks! It's reassuring to know that other people "get" it too.
      An eye patch would certainly be a conversation starter at the school gate! (hope your eye gets better though)


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