Sunday 21 April 2013

If this bum crack has offended, make some pants and all is mended....

Or rather that's what I'd hoped for.

For some time now, my hipless, darling son has demonstrated a frightening tendency to builder's butt whenever he played on the floor or bent over.

These Burda pants seemed to be the worst culprits:
Unfortunately I made three pairs of them at last year, so the chance of copping an eyeful of plumber's crack is pretty high.

I've had a bit more luck with the Oliver + S Field Trip cargo pants. Although only after I shortened the waist elastic to super tight. A push on the swings at the park with the original waistband had me thinking about where I'd parked my bike! Home we rode and the pants were successfully adjusted.

So I decided to try the Oliver + S After School pants next. It's a bit more of a feminine looking pattern with the lack of a front fly. But I think I'd "boy-ed" them up enough.

I made them out of a pair of maternity jeans that I cut up and there was just enough fabric for the jeans, but not for the pocket lining, so P and I happily agreed to use the last scraps of his LEGO fabric for the inner pockets.

So how's the rear view?.....

Pretty darn cute I say.
For the first time I tried a flat felled seam at the crotch. I used the tutorial linked to The Oliver + S blog and it was very clear. Unfortunately I'd cut some big chunky pattern marking notches into the seam allowances and I wanted my stitching lines to be quite far apart to match the rest of the topstitching, so getting the edges tucked under nicely was difficult. It's definitely a finish I'll use again, very neat on the inside and hopefully as strong as can be.

And back to the original problem, well, when we set off to the shops and P climbed out of the car, I was reminded to feed the parking meter......

To try and salvage this lame blogpost, I'm happy to announce that I raced my mountain bike today (took the Scott Scale 10 out), got beaten by the kids on a steam train, but came in third in the Open Women category and got my first podium finish in over 4 years!
Maybe the bad jokes means I'm overtired and should go to bed.....

Next week I'm joining in with Kid's Clothes Week and I'm continuing with the theme of pants. Two pairs each for the kids should keep me busy enough. Happy sewing to all.


  1. My little guy has the bum hanging out issue too. I'm excited for summer and drawstring shorts! These look great! Awesome topstitching.

  2. Congrats on the race!!!! Sewing is amazing as always:):)


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