Sunday, 18 March 2018

Happy Birthday Oliver + S

Oliver + S are celebrating 10 years and the release of their 50th sewing pattern!

I own every paper pattern (except the latest release which is yet to make it's way into my collection) and I did a round up of every pattern and found one picture to represent each unique view. Of course there have been many multiples sewn of quite a number of these patterns and lots of mashing and variations which aren't included here. Get your scrolling finger ready...

2+2 Blouse and Skirt
After School Shirt
After School Pants
Apple Picking Dress
Art Museum Trousers
Art Museum Vest
Badminton Skort
Bedtime Story Pajamas
Birthday Party Dress
Book Report Dress
Bubble Dress
Butterfly Blouse
Butterfly Skirt
Buttoned-Up Button-Down Shirt
Class Picnic Blouse and Shorts
Croquet Dress
Fairy Tale Dress
Family Reunion Dress
Field Trip Cargopants
Field Trip Raglan Tee
Garden Party Dress
Hide and Seek Dress
Hopscotch Skirt
Hopscotch Top and Dress
Ice Cream Dress
Jump Rope Dress - View B
Jump Rope Dress - View A
Library Dress
Lullaby Layette Set
Lunch Box Tee and Culottes
Music Box Jumper - View A
Music Box Jumper - View B
Music Class Blouse - View B
Music Class Blouse - View A
Music Class Skirt (with Family Reunion Tunic)
Nature Walk Knit Pants
Nature Walk Pullover
Parachute Polo
Parachute Sweatpants
Pinwheel Tunic and Slip Dress
Play Date Dress
Playtime Dress and Tunic
Playtime leggings
Puppet Show Shorts
Puppet Show Tunic
Roller Skate Dress
Sailboat Pants
Sailboat Skirt
Sailboat Top
Sandbox Pants
School Days Coat and Jacket
School Photo Dress
Seashore Sundress
Secret Agent Trench Coat
Sketchbook Shirt
Sketchbook Shorts
Sleepover Pajamas
Sunday Brunch Jacket and Skirt
Swingset Tunic and Skirt
Teaparty Playsuit
Teaparty Sundress
Teaparty Bloomers
 Did you spot the missing patterns/views?

The only ones I haven't made are the Carousel Dress and the Top/Dress view of the Badminton pattern as well as the new Girl on the Go Dress

Then there are the digital only patterns (not counting the singles which were originally released as paper pattern)
Forest Path Cape
Hula Hoop Skirt
School Bus T-Shirt
And the one that I'm yet to sew out of that little group is the Firefly Jacket
There are also a great collection of free patterns available as downloads. Like these:

Sunny Day Shorts
Lazy Days Skirt
On Stage Tutu
Reversible Bucket Hat
Felt Bow and Bias Covered Headband
I still haven't made either the Ruffled Halter or the Popover Sundress from that collection of freebies.

Finally, there are two Oliver + S books. The book Little Things To Sew has 20 projects for toys and accessories, and in October of 2013 I set up the challenge to sew every project in the book : Cover to Cover Challenge

By August of 2014 I made it and was interviewed by a Bear bath mitt on the finish line.

The newer Oliver + S book is the Building Block Dress Book which is an absolute gem of a resource for altering patterns to create whatever you want.

Here are two of the dresses I've made using the book so far...

Over at Oliver + S, Todd crunched the numbers and worked out there are 60,481 different permutations on the basic building block dress. So, no, I won't be going all the way on that one.

But maybe this year I should finally make the Firefly Jacket, Carousel Dress and Badminton Dress and break out those as yet untouched patterns. But then I look at some of those old photos and just want to revisit the old favourites as well. Sigh.

Do you have an Oliver + S pattern you own but haven't yet made?