Oliver + S posts: It's an honour every time

I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm having fun and they're happy to have me post on their blog! yay!!
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Short Sleeve Shirts
Fabric Shopping in Melbourne
Adding Lining to Soho Pattern
Adding Belt Loops
Weekend Links number2
Explorer Vest round-up
How to Hem Everything - Knits
How to Hem Everything - Wovens
Building Block Dress - Knit version
knit pyjamas with cuffs
B6168 - Sleeve Mod
Girl Friday culottes - road test
Weekend links - my version

Beachwear with Oliver + S
Jeans from Oliver + S
Twin Needle Hems - tips and tricks
Onstage Tutu - Curtain Call

The Monochrome Project - B&W Inspiration
Take a T-shirt - add ruffles!
City Stroll Wrap Skirt - How I Wear It
Metro T - V neck tutorial
Lunch Box Culottes - Gaultier Style
Metro T keyhole modification
Hide and Seek placket tute
Fairy Tale Dress - pleat maths!

Bento Tee Stripe Solution
Sketchbook Polo Shirt
Evel Knievel rides again
Tea Party fancy pants
Mini Moschino knock off
Little Things To Sew:
Cover to Cover Challenge
No-tie Pencil Scarf
Faux Flatlock Seam
Disco Pants

My favourite Oliver + S pattern

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  1. I love seeing your creations. You have a great eye for patterns and fabric 👏


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