Sunday 7 April 2013

Warm, cuddly leftovers = MADE dressing gown

As the weather starts to cool down (then heat up again, then cool down again, and finally stay cold) it became apparent that A needed a dressing gown.

I'd made one for P using a KwikSew pattern, but the pattern left a lot to be desired and I couldn't bring myself to buy it again in a smaller size. A late night hunt for some instant PDF gratification led me to MADE patterns by Dana ( I loved the pattern as a towel beach robe, and so even though it didn't tick all my dressing gown boxes ( I really wanted a folded back cowl neck with a facing) I though it would be well worth a try.

So, now I will confess to the dire situation of my daughter's bedtime wear:

 Now, before you call the Department of Children's Services, you should note that I have cut the toes open so her feet are not bound and stunted. And what's more, these are lovely and soft having been handed down from her big brother. Yes, she is wearing 5 year old hand me down cotton footies that are two sizes too small. I don't feel too bad as I have a lovely pile of Michael Miller flannel and an Oliver + S pyjama pattern just waiting to be turned into some awesome new jammies. So put the phone down and give me a little bit more time....

But meanwhile, back to the dressing gown dilemma. All the lovely flannel is assigned to pyjamas, and I was loathe to chop up a towel or buy any new fabric (I seriously have to curb that habit) so I vowed to make a dressing gown entirely out of leftovers. There's always a little bit of fleece leftover from these blankets so here's a bit of leftovers heated up and rearranged into the cosiest dressing gown ever!
I decided to make it fully reversible, so effectively I just made two robes and then sewed them together. I added some belt loops so that the belt could be used for both sides. Of course I could have done away with the bias binding but I think it makes the whole thing much nicer and it was the only way to sneak in a tiny bit of pink, even if it is a somewhat fishy, browny, housebrick kind of pink. I made it in the middle size but cut it to the longest length and the fit is perfect. Here's the snuggly, well cared for child photo:
And when I tried to turn it out and get a picture the other way, she realised the belt was removable. And that was the end of that.


  1. Lol:) love the belt typical of little ones:)

  2. It looks great! (and oh so snuggly) I am going to have a look and keep my fingers crossed that the sizes are favourable.


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