Tuesday 28 April 2020

Pyjama time: episode one

Between sewing these pyjamas and getting around to blogging about them (and fixing all those broken image links on my blog - grrr Blogger), I've already made some others. But that will be episode 2.

My kids both love knit pyjamas and P is still wearing some very short and tight merino knit thermals that I made years ago... It was time for more.

I bought these fabrics from Nerida Hansen when they had a sale on some seconds quality cotton knits.

I only bought a metre of each fabric as I hadn't had a plan for them at that stage. Then the kids started loudly demanding winter pyjamas and so that became the plan.

The quality is really lovely. With these two prints I can't work out what it was that made them seconds, however the one other print I bought has a very slight dye run mark that repeats. It's barely noticeable.

The pterodactyls are awesome. It's hard to find good non floral prints for boys that aren't diggers and toy trucks and too childish. Pterodactyls wearing sunglasses and singlets makes a really cool design!

Hers is a May Gibbs design and is lovely with little flowering gumnuts amongst the native Australian floral background.

Both kids are actually wearing the same pattern sin the same size with just alterations in length:
It's the Oliver + S School Bus T for the top in size 12 for both of them, with about 15cm added to the sleeve length for monkey-boy (and then the cuffs as well. Yep, seriously!)

The leggings are the Oliver + S Playtime leggings also in size. The length was cut to make use of the remaining fabric (no scraps left behind) but then A insisted hers should be shorter, like gym shorts.

The ribbing I had in the stash and I wrote a blog post ages ago showing how to turn these two patterns into pyjamas using cuffs. You can find it here.

Quick and easy to sew and in soft, good quality cotton knit they're a delight. Only 1 metre each and they're very affordable too.

The kids were trying to recreate an old photo that I still have as the screensaver on my phone. Let me find it....(November 2016 - and yes they still wear those pyjamas in summer. Honestly, they're the best value things to make for kids!)

Size: 12, both kids - with sleeve and pant length modifications;
Cuff modifications to make them more pyjama-y
fabrics: Nerida Hansen knit


  1. Fantastic and well done squeezing each set of PJs out of only a metre. I love Nerida Hansen fabrics. Such cool designs and great quality. Also your kids are growing up so quickly!!!!

    1. I wish they had more knits, more often. I'm a big fan or quick, rough, overlocker sewing! The kids are flying along aren't' they. It's spooky, especially when I remember I'm ageing at the same rate! :)

  2. Great work making these with small amounts of fabric, and lucky kids getting such cool pyjamas! Nighttime and daytime clothing is increasingly indistinguishable round here - and of my kids is wearing t-shirts to bed and a cosy nightie as 'clothes' during the day...


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