Tuesday 14 April 2020

Kensington Knit Skirt

The second of the spring release Liesl + Co patterns that I slammed my name down to test is the Kensington Knit Skirt.

It's a simple knit skirt that comes in two views. View A is just two pattern pieces, a skirt panel (same front and back) and a yoke panel.

The yoke is two layers of fabric which helps to give the waist section some extra firmness, and then an elastic waistband is neatly hidden. The finish on that is really clever and nicely done.

View B, which I've sewn, adds 2 more pattern pieces to give the faux wrap layer and the ties. It's still a crazily simple skirt to sew.

Because the skirt is complete under the wrap, even when it's gets too windy for your backdrop you don't risk wrap skirt exposure!

With the help of the wind you can see the reverse side of the fabric I used. It's a double knit that I picked up at Super Cheap fabrics the day before they closed up their Fitzroy store. I didn't have any plans for it, but I'm an absolute sucker for a two sided knit fabric.

The weight is perfect for the skirt and I think ponte or slightly heavier knits works really well for this pattern.

But, in saying that I have a RTW cotton jersey skirt that has a similar yoke and a more A-line skirt and I love that one. Maybe that's a pattern hack I need to do with the Kensington Knit Skirt...

In fact, in the View A, that could be a skirt that could be whipped up in one evening... I'm tempted to visit the stash right now!

Pattern: Liesl + Co. Kensington Knit Skirt, View B
Size: 10, no alterations
Fabric: Double sided knit


  1. Nice!! So tempted now to get all 3 of the new patterns...

    1. Me too. Why I didn't put my hand up for the Montauk pants pattern test as well is beyond me now that I see them. I want some!

  2. Great looking skirt and love that it is flash proof.

    1. It sure adds some emotional comfort to wearing it.

  3. The outfit looks great on you! Very flattering!
    I'm wondering which pattern you used for the boat neck top?

    1. Hi, it's very kind of you to assume I made that too! It's a ready to wear top that I bought in the late 90's and still squeeze into when I'm feeling bold. :)


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