Saturday 18 April 2020

File this one under...

… more things not being worn due to Covid19 isolation.

In previous years I've gone on a swimwear sewing bender in February/March in anticipation of a beach holiday. As if I predicted that not happening I only sewed one pair of boardshorts. Jalie 2678 to be precise.

As much as these were needed, they also only came about because of a funny situation.

When we took our truncated summer holiday (post bushfires), Flipper forgot his swimmers. We hit up a curious little shop in town which sells everything (I've bought macramé supplies there in the past and this time it was boardshorts. How's that for variety?!). If you know the town of Bright I bet you can gues sthe shop!

Yep, they had boardshorts, but the only pair we could see was on a rack and was probably the ugliest pair of boardshorts known to mankind. They were cheap and a one size fits all affair and so I bought them, delighted that Flipper would have to wear them, or sit poolside, hot and dry and on his own...

 As I was paying for them, I commented to the shopkeeper that they were truly hideous and how delighted I was that my husband would have to wear them since he'd forgotten his swimmers. She kindly pointed out some much more tasteful, monochromatic, hibiscus print boardshorts on another shelf that we'd failed to notice.

I relented and bought both pairs. He only wore the hibiscus ones.

And so the really, really ugly boardshorts were taken apart and a section of the print used alongside the stashed. solid, chocolate-brown, microsuede nylon to make this more bearable pair.

The pattern is Jalie 2678: My previous review of the pattern. along with comments on the pocket errata is here. These are the same size - which I didn't record back in that last blog post, but I believe is Size O as per measurements.

Hopefully they'll still fit when we get a chance to go to the beach!

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