Sunday 12 May 2013

Sewing for Me......

I never usually sew for myself. There were some disastrously big cotton maternity dresses that may have put me off. They've now been cut up and repurposed so I've moved on from that disappointing exercise.

I suppose I like sewing for my kids so much because they're flat, shapeless little creatures, and the fabric is cheap. Adult sewing strikes me as difficult and costly.

When I saw this cape it seemed a project worth a try.

Here's my cape:

I bought some lovely cream/grey pattern wool coating from The Fabric Store as well as some slippery lining. I've used the cheap polyester lining from Spotlight before and at $2-3 a metre it seemed worth putting up with. This lining was about six times more expensive but I am absolutely a convert. It almost doesn't fray at all, is delightful to cut and sew and just feels so lovely by comparison. No more nasty, shiny linings for me.

I found some perfect leather covered buttons at Jimmy's Buttons ( a chaotic, treasure trove of buttons and trims). I purchased the amount of fabric specified on the pattern but then found that since I could cut my pattern in either direction along the grain I only used half of what I purchased. Liesl + Co have a matching pattern for a girl's cape, but the whole mother/daughter matchy thing makes me squirm. I'll sit on it a while. Fabric never goes off....

As always, any pattern produced by Liesl+Co is superbly well written and some of the sewing tips for this cape really helped give the professional finish that I would insist on if I was to buy a cape. I like that it doesn't look like a homemade blanket! I struggled a little with getting my printer to print the PDF files to US paper sizes and not scale it down, but once that was sorted the assembly of the pattern pieces was easey peasey.

So here's me in my cape. (and in my helmet of course Mr Branson) I'm not so sure about how I like it. It's not really a flattering garment in my opinion, yet it is incredibly easy to wear, suitably warm for Autumn, and kind of novel here in Aus. Why just today The Age have declared capes to be right on trend.
I'm going to keep on wearing it and see how I like it....

It's turned out that it is THE perfect thing for biking. So, if you a cycle nut like me, this pattern is an absolute must have for the short commute or kindy drop off on a cold morning. So, on that note I'll introduce another bicycle. This is our CargoCycle, which, over the last few years, since kids came along and racing never seems to happen, is the bike that gets the most use of all the bikes in the garage. Two wheels good, three wheels bad. This bike rolls, corners and handles almost like a normal bike, once you get past the weird, freaky aspect of having the front wheel four feet out in front. So much better than the cargo tricycles with their cumbersome steering.

Hope all the other super mums out there (capes or no) had a good day today. And to all my beautiful, childless (whether by good choice or misfortune,) women friends, happy second Sunday in May.


  1. The cape looks fantastic on you, and agree it looks like the perfect cycling cover! Happy Mum's Day!

  2. Great pattern matching.

    This looks very wearable and I disagree that it is not very flattering (...might have something to do with the helmet...just saying....). I bought the Tessuti cape pattern last year (and the fabric, binding, buttons etc) but haven't been brave enough to make it up yet. This Oliver + S pattern looks more practical for day to day activities because it is a bit more fitted so I might just have to get one of these instead. Hopefully it will grow on you

  3. Awesome bike!
    I looked at the trike thing for towing the littles but I don't seem to ride as much now.....

    That is so cool!

    PS I do like your cape, methinks it could be very handy on farm.

  4. Love the cape! And the bike as well! They look so well together perhaps I should ditch the minivan!
    I am getting ready to make the cape for myself but am wondering if the lining is at all noticeable? I'd love to use a print that I've fallen in love with but it seems silly if it wont show ar all.

    1. Thanks Kara, since I was wearing my cape yesterday when I saw your question I tried to notice the lining....
      I think there are only little flashes of it and while you'll see enough to make the colour/print need to compliment the cape, a feature print might be wasted.
      The most I ever saw of the lining was while brushing my teeth. Other people may have seen more of it thorughout the day, but I forgot to ask anyone. :)

    2. Thanks! I appreciate your paying attention to it for me. I think I'll do as you said and skip the feature print. I like it to much to never really see it.

  5. Back a year later to comment on my own blog and say that I wear this cape a LOT! Final verdict: Perfect for half chilly days. Make one, you'll be happy you did.


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