Saturday 25 May 2013

I'm gonna make it in the movies!

 Does size matter?

Well, sometimes yes. The sheer enormity of this bit of fabric made for some interesting sewing.

Exhibit A: A 5metre x 3metre piece of cinema screen fabric. Neatly folded it looks quite manageable.

My task: To construct some tabs and attach them to the screen such that it can be pulled over a frame and tensioned.

Here's a plan. Of sorts.
I actually enjoyed technical drawing when I was a schoolkid, although there's nothing here to indicate that.

And it was all very well to tell myself I'd attach those long side straps at 1/6ths intervals but there was no way I could accurately measure this huge pile of fabric, so I wrestled it into some kind of symmetrical folds which may, or may not, be close to where they were meant to be.

The straps were made from some leftover canvas from my Puppet Theatre.

Luckily, we live in one of those former industrial areas where the house prices are still low(ish) and there are handy businesses nearby such as the canvas shop that put these eyelets in for me.

Blessedly there's enough other BoBos around that the coffee is superb and the fruit and veg organic! What a neighbourhood.

 So, I attached 20 straps with eyelets to various points (symmetrical if nothing else) around this enormous canvas.

There's no long arm sewing machine in the world that could make that into an easy task, and there was no way I could cram even a fraction of it around the sewing arm of my little Janome.

I got there in the end, and in the style of the movie marathons that this screen is destined to  display I finished up very, very late.


  1. Looks like fun! Is that the oliver & S puppet theater? It's on my someday sew list. :)

    1. Oh no, this is the real thing. A portable cinema screen for outdoor/warehouse pop-up cinema screenings. To be accompanied by 60 deck chairs, coffee bar, taco van and hipsters galore!
      The puppet theatre is a much more manageable size. Go for it, I made one and the kids love it. I'm going to make another for my son's kindy as it was such a hit when we took it there.


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