Friday 17 May 2013

Bring... Bring.... Honey, do you think you could give me a ride home tonight?

So here's my commuter bike (bicycle number 5 to rate a mention on the blog), sporting it's new rear mud guard that was my birthday present from Flipper (thanks honey, my dry butt loves you).

The bike was a treat to myself when I was heavily pregnant and had just moved house and discovered my new commute had some hills! My old commuter was a steel single speed and there's no way I was going to be able to crank that one gear up the gentle inclines on my 13km commute with my big belly and all.

What better excuse for a new bike. Keeping it real with an On One Pompetamine steel frame, internal 8 speed Alfine rear hub (no maintenance, yay!) and some nice disc brakes for those wet road, holy f*&k what's that motorist doing moments.

What's that in the foreground I hear you ask? You mean you don't want to know more about my bike? ...
The Janome sewing machine is all cleaned, oiled and adjusted, and yes, it looks like it might have a companion there with a brand new, Bernina 700D overlocker.

And so a lift home in the car was in order, but now I feel like I've finally succumbed to the kid's cold and my machines will have to wait to be played with another day. Off to bed....


  1. You could of hooked up a trailer! Have fun with the new machine!

  2. My hubby was appalled at the odd angle I'd installed my birthday mudguard at when he saw this photo. So while I played with my new overlocker he went out to the shed and repositioned my mudguard and it does look much better now. Apologies to any cyclists viewing this photo thinking what a nuffy I must be....
    Now we're all really happy. Loving the overlocker!


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