Thursday 16 May 2013

All quiet on the home front

After 5 years of very steady service I decided the sewing machine might, finally, need a service. There's nothing wrong with it but it was getting pretty noisy and it dawned on me that at our house a bicycle chain gets regular lubricating, and a race bike would get cleaned and cared for after every outing. So how is it that the sewing machine has gone 5 years without a drop of oil?

Sheer neglect I'm afraid.

So, it's spookily quiet at home with the sewing machine gone for the week.

The last garments that I dry-motor rattled through were these pyjamas for the kids:

Here, I'm trying to relive a childhood memory of heating our pyjamas in the airing cupboard behind the fireplace. Unfortunately a heated towel rack (that came free with our house purchase) just doesn't cut it and there's none of that scalding button toasty hotness here. For safety's sake that's probably a good thing, but gee those hot jammies felt good.

Hot or barely lukewarm, these pyjamas still feel awesome. For the first time I bought some Michael Miller flannel online from and it is divine. To date, the only flannel I've had is Woollies by Maywood studio (here) and this lovely fabric. I think I may have spoiled myself.

The pattern was a pattern bust that I've been wanting to get onto for ages. The Oliver + S Sleepover pyjamas. It goes without saying that they were a delight to sew. The girly ruffles is a fun addition and I was super happy about stepping out to the shed and popping in the snaps in five minutes. No way I could have done nine buttonholes and nine buttons as quickly or as joyfully. The only thing I need to do is go back and tack up the pants cuffs in a few more spots as they keep unfolding.

These pyjamas have been a rare success in that both kids absolutely LOVE them. They've been worn every night since they were finished. I was reading sewing blogs and read Once Upon A Sewing Machine's post about what gets worn and what doesn't and couldn't bring myself to respond as it all gets a bit depressing. Until of course I think, screw the kids I'm sewing to amuse myself. At least with these pyjamas, they were needed (sorely!), pattern bust achieved, I had fun, and the kids are super happy with them.

And with the sewing machine away for a week I've had time to think.... Imagine how I could churn out the pyjamas if I bought the Flashback Skinny T-shirt pattern and combined it with the Sleepover pants. And maybe, just maybe, what if the overlocker that I spied at the sewing machine repair centre was to come home with me......


  1. Gee, just imagine if that overlocker made a leap for freedom, jumped into the car (or should that be the bike?) and found a new home next to the reconditioned/serviced sewing machine....
    You will never regret it and I'm sure you'll love the finish that you can achieve especially on those skinny tees for the kids.
    Nice pj's too. I might have to make some of these too. They look like keepers

  2. Thanks for the shout out :) These pjs are adorable and I'm sure will go in the win pile! I really dragged my feet picking up the Flashback pattern, but it is so handy- and would translate into a great pj top for sure.
    It is a bit odd when the machine is out of the house my work space seemed so much bigger...hope yours comes back quickly!


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