Wednesday 14 March 2018

Music Class Blouse

I really am trying to sew through some of my long stashed fabrics this year, and when A chose the purple Japanese lawn for her friend's skirt, I asked her if she'd like a little blouse made out of the rest of it. I got the nod, and I was off...

Please forgive the wrinkles, I do own an iron, but this had been worn all day and was about to go in the wash and so I snapped a few pictures first.

The pattern is the Music Class Blouse by Oliver + S, truly one of the cutest girl's shirt patterns. There are lovely little pintucks under the yoke front and back, and a really sweet one piece Peter Pan collar.

Ready for a flashback?

The last time I made the short sleeved version of the blouse, it was also in a Japanese lawn from Spotlight, and A had just mastered her "death stare". You might like to look away from the computer screen if you're feeling vulnerable, it can be quite affronting...


Just for laughs, let's hang around in the past for a bit longer... I made the long sleeved view B version in flannel first, back in the winter of 2012. She would have been about 15 months old...

and then the following year, another winter long sleeved flannel version...

Can you guess I'm a big fan of the pattern? The way the long sleeve placket is done is very simple and is a great introduction to a sleeve placket finish, but if you wanted a proper tower placket then that's now a free tutorial on the Oliver + S website. It would be super easy to mix and match elements of this shirt with the more classic Buttoned-Up Button Down shirt.

And since she has suddenly decided it's cool to wear shirts I might get to update the flannel winter wardrobe again this year. - She has been wearing this old shirt of P's along with her jeggings and rocking a very 90's grunge vibe lately. A new flannel shirt might just be the thing!

Also, throwing out a special Happy Birthday callout to the Oliver + S pattern company who have just turned 10 years old. As you can see, I've been using their patterns over and over for many years and I'm an unabashed disciple of the Oliver + S way. This pattern is no longer available in paper format, but they're having a monster sale of their paper patterns at the moment so check them out, and throw this one in your digital download box as it's a ripper!

Pattern: Music Class Blouse and Skirt by Oliver + S, view A
Size: Straight size 7 - should have added a little body length for that long torso
Fabric: Japanese lawn from Spotlight, long time tashed


  1. Very cute shirt and it is interesting to see the various versions you have made over the years and yes that stare was pretty impressive.

  2. Very cute! I'll have to try a version of that shirt again; it's been a long time since I've made it!

  3. I love her death stare!!! So great! This is one of the long list of O+S patterns I own but have never sewn. But Maggie is getting to the age where skirts and blouses actually get wear, so perhaps it's time to try this one!

  4. I come back to check you out...and you have made TONS more stuff. I am so envious of you Shelly :-) I think I need to post from you on time management and how to get lots sewn and still have time for other stuff.

    I *love* this top, in fact it has been on my mind. The old mustard one is beautiful and purple...hmm. I just might have to make one.

  5. I remember that death stare!
    Another lovely child I have had the privilege to see grow up.
    The Music Class blouse is a definite favourite of mine.


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