Saturday 10 March 2018

Babies are such cute little diversions....

....and other people's babies are always so perfectly behaved and cute.

I finally got around to visiting an especially handsome and charming (he slept throughout my whole visit which I found very endearing!) little guy born to a sewing friend. Of course I had to sew him some sweet, teensy clothes, cause that is always a great diversion.

This new little friend has just turned three months, so I reached for my Oliver + S Lullaby Layette pattern which I had previously traced off in the 3-6 month size in all views. Thanks past me, you rock!

The tummy and butt room in that bodysuit makes me smile! It's so perfectly "blob" shaped. :)

I had exactly enough of this Japanese cotton leftover to make a long sleeved bodysuit. The fabric originally came from L'Uccello and was used for P's kitchen apron and oven mitts. I'm really digging using up those remnants that I'd kept and then having nothing but tiny scraps going into the bin.

The print is incredibly cute with all these tiny cartoon animals.

For the pants and jacket I thought I'd plan for Melbourne's winter and bust out something warm and snuggly. Some of that marvelous cotton fleece knit fit the bill perfectly. (Maille merveilleuse from Mamzelle Fourmi)

This was the first time I've sewn the pants from the layette set and they're great. I hope the waist band can get over a cloth nappied backside.

When P was this small he had a pair of ready to wear pants that were this style with all fleece tracksuit style material around the back and then denim front panels with all the tiny faux pockets and topstitching of jeans. I always wanted to recreate them but the pattern didn't exist back then. It would be a great way to make baby jeans that are stretchy and comfy - which normal jeans kind of aren't. In fact I'd quite like some fake tracksuit/jeans too!

Yeah I know, babies don't need pockets, but heck, look how cute they are!

For the jacket I used the same cotton maille knit and some navy polar fleece (also used for the waistband and pockets on the pants).

I had some cotton for bias binding that nicely matched the blue of the bodysuit and then figured if I went with more of the beige snaps rather than navy ones, It might all look a bit more "curated".

Ha! I'm curating baby wardrobes out of my stash fabrics now! We've  moved far beyond the point of needing an intervention. :)

Still, I pop my head up out of my rabbithole of sewing madness every now and then and go visit people. We drink coffee, chat, coo over a sleepy baby and suddenly the last minute to midnight sewing of bias binding the night before makes perfect sense!

Pattern: Lullaby Layette from Oliver + S
Size: 3-6 months
Fabrics: All stash - and then the fabulous woman who produced this gorgeous baby restocked me with a big pile of divine fabrics she had been planning to give away at the Melbourne Restash event, but then realised they would suit me perfectly and set them aside!


  1. Great job! I ❤️ your blog. I followed from FB & I see your posts on the Oliver & S blog. You are very inspiring.

    1. Oh gosh, thank you very much! If the inspiration you need is to drop every other responsibility and just sew, then you've come to the right place!!

  2. CUTENESS! You and your beige! LOL! "What? This mess? I am curating wardrobes from my stash." has a better ring to it than "total craftastrophe."

    1. Beige is really pastel brown if you want to think of it that way, and therefore a colour well within the baby-approved spectrum! :)

  3. Gorgeous, love these outfits, so creative.

    1. THanks Helen. It's always a delight to sew an Oliver + S pattern and an extra pleasure to gift it onwards.

  4. These are so cute and must remember Oliver + S if there are ever any babies for me to sew for.

  5. How adorable is that. I love the fabric you have chosen. Isn't this like the most fantastic pattern of all.
    I am laughing at the sentence that opens this post...babies are such cute diversions! Hah! couldn't agree more.

  6. Making babies clothes are the best, such little bits of cloth.
    Very, very snappy.
    xx N


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