Thursday 21 August 2014

Why I Sew.

If you've ever clicked on that little "View my complete profile" button on my blog and been disappointed to learn not much at all, then boy are you in for a treat! ;)

I'm finishing up my season on the Kid's Clothes Week blog talking a bit (too much perhaps) about why I sew.
How about you, why do you sew? It's a tougher question to answer than it first appears..... 


  1. Great post!
    I too find there are many similarities between my job and my passion and, like you, realise that certain aspects of sewing wouldn't be tolerated at work! 20years ago as a junior doctor on a surgical run the consultant I was working for - perhaps noticing that I had a teeny bit of surgical/sewing skill - asked me why I wasn't considering a surgical career. I confessed that I enjoyed sewing in my spare time but when things were going badly I would throw things into the back of my closet so perhaps I wasn't cut out to be a surgeon..... At any rate, the other side of the drapes (aka blood-brain barrier) suits my personality more.

    And that "honeymoon period" you refer to is often known as a "confidence-competence" gap in my world. But, of course, the outcomes or consequences are usually much less important at home. Lucky that!

    1. ... and cause all surgeons are knobs right?! :)
      The confidence-competence gap that hurt the most for me was in mountain biking! it didn't last long as the confidence deserted me quite quickly and it took seemingly forever to gain any competence. Now I've probably forgotten everything I ever learned. (but probably not forgotten how much it can hurt when you stuff up)

  2. I loved reading that!!! I always think people who are amazing sewers like yourself grew sewing and were taught by everyone in their family that sews too. It gives me a little hope with my own sewing to know that is not true. You really are inspiring.

    1. Thanks Christine, you're very kind. Obviously I need to be more real and put some of the dud stuff up on the blog too!
      I'm not sewing at all now as I broke three needles over the weekend and I think a bit of one is stuck somewhere as the machine is playing up horribly and has gone in for a service. I was hit twice in the face by flying needle tips and was thinking of wearing safety glasses while sewing....
      What I need to do is stop sewing over pins! There you go, no-one who was taught to sew properly would ever do that!


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