Friday 1 August 2014

Little Things To Sew: Cover to Cover Challenge - The bell lap.

Here  we are at the start of August which means we're into the last month of the Little Things To Sew Cover to Cover Challenge.

Bartacks and Singletrack : want to go all the way with me?The PDF scoreboard has been updated and while I was going to run some odds for us sewers, I went all non-competitive, ex hippy school kid and ranked the projects instead.

But, like a true nerd, I consulted Dr Math and worked out how to change the project numbers into true racing odds. I know, I could have just picked random numbers, but aren't you pleased I troubled myself to get it right?!

Truthfully, it's also for a blog post at Oliver + S next week, talking about our long term project and how awesome all you Cover to Cover Challenge sewers are.

July slipped by and I didn't make anything from the book. Bad me. Thankfully you guys did. We welcomed a couple of newcomers to the Flickr pool and the group is a goldmine of inspiration.

I have to get organised and make my Bias Trimmed Apron(s) and some Bear Puppet Bath Mitts. I'm thinking they'll be play puppets rather than bath mitts. I don't know why I'm dragging my feet on the aprons. Every time we make cookies or do anything in the kitchen or garden I think "I really must make those aprons". Maybe I'm stalling 'cause I think each kid will need one for the kitchen, and another for the garden. That's 4 aprons and probably 40 miles of bias binding to sew. Or maybe cause I saw these retro laminated cottons at The Fabric Store and I'm waiting for them to go on sale.....

I also want to do a good job on that bias binding because I'd like to get some photos of one of my very first bias bound projects so we can all see how far I've come, and I'll reveal how addicted I am to 1/4" quilters edge fusible web!

Do you have photos that you haven't put in the Flickr pool yet? Projects that you've made and not yet photographed? Or are you planning on squeezing in a few more projects before the month is up?

Did you see the Little Things To Sew book is currently on sale at Oliver + S? That means you can get the autographed copy from them cheaper than you can find it on some soul-less online book seller. For those who did spill their coffee on their copy, or lost a pattern sheet, here's your chance to get back in the running!

Every new pattern you sew counts as another entry in the prize draw, thanks to The Fabric Stash!


  1. My quilt is sewn and layered! Hoping to find time to actually quilt it this weekend. I already know I won't get all the way through the book so I've revised my goal down a little :)

  2. I forgot just how many cool projects are in that book. It's so easy to forget about book patterns - at least for me. And your story reminded me of a stats professor I had. He was a serious cyclist and liked to run stats on the most efficient way to bike into work- timing different routes, considering wind resistance, bike lock up time, etc. Then he'd graph it!

  3. If only there was more time to sew! I look forward to seeing more of your bias binding and math stats. How fun!


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