Monday 18 August 2014

Oven Mitts from Armholes!

Around this time last year I was making the Oliver + S School Days Coats seen here and as I was cutting out the vests from the quilted fabric it occurred to me that the little bits leftover from the armholes might be useful for something.

They look like mini oven mitts don't they?!

Well, I thought they did and I stashed them away for another day. As the time came to make my Bias Trimmed Aprons for the Little Things To Sew Cover to Cover Challenge, it seemed the perfect time to dig out my little oven mitt bits. While this obviously isn't a project from Little Things to Sew, I think it's definitely in the spirit, so I'm calling it the unofficial 22 project! (and that might just be enough of a challenge to get Sharon or Lynn to sew some!)

Now, I realise not everyone is going to have sewn the quilted vest of the School Days coat, or have kept the armhole leftovers if they did.... So I've made a PDF pattern which has a pattern piece for the Oven Mitt as well as the Upper Piece and written instructions. There's a link here to the PDF so you can download it for yourself.

And now for a photo tutorial of how to make them, ending with some kids-making-lemon-biscuits photos....

What you'll need:

- The quilted oven mitts (see the PDF for notes on making your own)
- Two fat quarters of fabric (main: fabric A. Underside/lining: fabric B)
- 1 yard 3/8" bias binding (make your own from 1.5" bias strips)
- about 2" cotton twill tape or grosgrain ribbon (optional for hanging loop)


Measure the short, straight edge of your quilted oven mitt piece. (if you're using the pattern provided you can skip this step). For this size 6 armhole, it measured 4.5"

From each of fabric A and fabric B cut a rectangle that is 12" long with a height the same as the width measurement you just took in Step 1. ie 12" x 4.5" (that is the dimensions for the rectangle if using the PDF pattern pieces)

Lay the fabric B rectangle right side up on the table. Place one Oven Mitt quilted piece on top with the short ends aligned. Now place the fabric A rectangle on top with the right side facing down.

Do the same at the other short side. Pin the three layers together at each end and stitch with a 1/2" seam.

Turn the rectangles right side out by pulling the oven mitt pieces out from the middle. Press the seams away from the oven mitts.

Edgestitch the seams.

Create a pattern piece for the Oven Mitt Upper Piece out of freezer paper or tracing paper/interfacing. Draw around the top of the quilted oven mitt piece and then a straight line across about 2" above the bottom of the quilted oven mitt piece. If you're using the PDF pattern you can skip this step as the Oven Mitt Upper Piece pattern is provided.

Cut 2 Oven Mitt Upper Pieces from each of Fabric A and Fabric B.
Put one Fabric A piece and one Fabric B piece together with wrong sides facing and baste around the perimeter with a 1/4" basting stitch. Repeat for the other Oven Mitt Upper Pieces.

Apply bias binding to the short, straight sides of the Oven Mitt Upper Pieces. Trim the ends of the bias binding to be flush with the Oven Mitt Upper Piece.

Lay the Oven Mitt Upper Pieces on top of the Oven Mitts with the curved edges matching. Pin in place. Baste around the entire perimeter with a 1/4" basting stitch. This will hold the Oven Mitt Upper Pieces in place and also baste the upper and lower rectangles together.

Finally, apply bias binding to the entire perimeter. If you want to add a hanging loop, then tuck your cotton twill tape or ribbon under the bias binding halfway along one long side of the rectangle before stitching down the bias binding.

And you're done! If you're any good at baking then start heating the oven. If not, then my kids discovered you can do funny clappy dances while wearing oven mitts! (but I forgot to get any pictures of that!)

I also didn't get any photos of our lemon biscuits, trust me, they were delicious!

It was P's idea to have their oven mitts over their shoulders. And he doesn't even watch reality TV cooking shows...
If you use this pattern to make oven mitts I'd love to see them. please send me an email: lightningmcstitch at gmail dot com


  1. these are just the greatest!! I am going to make Caspain a matching pair to go with his apron and I might as well make Sarah a apron and pair too. Thanks for Sharing the pattern!!

  2. Oh I'm so glad you like it. I feel like a fisherman who dangled his line and got the big bite!! I look forward to seeing your oven mitts. Let me know how the pieces go together.

  3. I will! I think I will use some of Sarah's Hello Kitty fabric for her apron...the one she picked out. ; )

  4. The aprons look great, and the matching oven mitts are a clever addition! There should be a word for this kind of ingenuity - it's not recycling, or upcycling... how about scrapcycling?

    1. {singing} "Making good use of the things that we find..."
      Womble-sewing perhaps?
      I used to throw out all leftovers, then one day I needed a tiny bit of some black fabric and didn't have any. I seem to have now gone 180 degrees the other way. Old nappy buckets are perfect for storing little scraps!

  5. Wonderful! The pictures of your kids are so cute. Can I send you my odd left over bits to make something out of? I'm sure I have similar things saved.

    1. thank you and nope to dealing with your leftovers, but you can have some of my teeny scraps for those hexagons you're sewing! Nappy buckets are the best for storing tiny scraps.


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