Wednesday 6 August 2014

All over the 'net and another Everyday skirt

First up, I've reached the pinnacle of happy, or overcommitted blogger, by appearing on two very auspicious blogs AT THE SAME TIME!

Via the magic of the internet you can read me rambling on about the Little Things to Sew Cover to Cover Challenge here on the Oliver + S blog

And, over at the Kid's Clothes Week blog I'm interviewing none other than Lucinda, aka L.Poel. I have been stalking Lucinda's Flickr pool for a couple of years now and I can't think of anything that I didn't wish I'd sewn myself. She has fantastic style, and skill, and an eye for a bargain, and beautiful kids.... You get the picture, now go read the interview!

kid's clothes week

But in case you think I've stopped sewing, I haven't. I'm wearing a Coco dress as I type (more on that later as I'm still a bit lukewarm on the whole Coco experience) and there are a few other things that I've made recently and not got around to documenting here. I really need to do that soon so I don't forget what changes I  made....

Anyway, one change I did make was to downsize and revisit the Liesl & Co Everyday skirt. Here was my first, too big one, which will still gets lots of wear when the weather warms up again.

This one has been getting a lot of wear. The fabric was described as polyester suiting (ugh, right) and I had bought it intending to make a patchwork-esque Trench coat for A. Curiously, if there's one pattern I have bought more fabric for than any other, but hardly ever actually made, it's the Secret Agent trench coat. Never fear, I can think of at least two bundles of fabric still in the stash earmarked for a kid's coat, they're not missing out.

This fabric is moderately heavy, with a solid red back and a slightly suede feel to the front. The pattern must be printed as it feels like thin paint lines and it's exactly the same colour as the SBCC top I'm wearing.

The size Medium ended up being perfect. I think I kept the size L length as I like on-the-knee length skirts. My pins aren't bad from the knee down, but there's no reason for me to be showing off what happens above that point!

The back is a much nicer fit in the smaller size. Plenty of room but not so bustle-ish as the bigger size. I've mostly been wearing this with tights and long, brown boots and the synthetic un-naturelness of the skirt fabric makes it really easy to wear with tights. It's bicycle-commute-to-school approved too!

I'm sure I don't need to say it, but I  love those pockets. Tissues, shopping lists, hair ties... Every skirt should have pockets!

And, in case that was more than enough about me, here's a cute picture of the kids who weren't allowed to photobomb my shoot, so staged a love-in of their own at the end!


  1. SHE'S EVERYWHERE!!! haha. loved both guest posts and this skirt is great too - i've been feeling the need to make an everyday skirt myself, since i gave my first one away to my sister in law (due to my pregnancy, argh - shoulda kept it for now!).

    1. ... and I'm available on weekends to fight crime! Chicken man! (s)he's everywhere, (s)he's everywhere....
      (you just tripped a real flashback to listening to my radio in bed as a kid)
      Yep, you need another Everyday skirt!

  2. Well, you are a busy blogger! I really like this skirt, the fit looks great and the colours are lovely. The kids are adorable - just let them go ahead and photobomb next time, I want to see what they do!

    1. Thanks Marisa. they get a starring role in an upcoming skirt post where they help me demonstrate how much one can move their legs wearing the Lisette Continental skirt!

  3. You are a busy one! Again, so grateful to you for taking the time to interview me - what a thrill that was!
    Would love to hear your thought on the Coco pattern some time. I have that pattern pinned to my "wish list" board and love the samples I've seen. But it's always nice to hear real life opinions of it.
    The fit of your skirt looks great - so glad you are loving it (pockets and bicycle worthy!)

  4. aha, found it ;) I think I should try a smaller size... The back looks nicer!


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