Friday 25 March 2022

the new favourite...

I feel like whenever I make pyjamas they're declared to be the new favourites and better than any pyjamas that came before.

It's nice to be able to make something that's always appreciated and that I know will get worn to the point of being either teeny tiny or completely worn out.

It was the combination of the teeny-tiny and worn out state of the old pyjamas that necessitated these ones being sewn up for camp next week.

At his direction they were to be long, flannelette bottoms with a T-shirt top, and a veto on any character or novelty prints.

Both fabrics came from Spotlight. The grey flannelette for the pants is not the best quality fabric, but the yarn dyed knit stripe for the T-shirt is lovely. I'll have to go back and try and find another colourway of both fabrics for a second pair.

The pants are the Thread Theory Eastwood pyjamas in size XS. They were a lovely pattern to sew. I chose the mock fly option (you could have no fly, mock fly, or functioning button fly), one back pocket and no side pockets. I used a little strip of the curly edge of the t-shirt knit to make the drawstring

My only alteration was to sew two channels for 1/2" elastic with the drawstring channel between them as I didn't have any 1&1/2" elastic. The fit is perfect, but in the course of a week or two since they were finished I already feel like I should have added length!

I had planned to trace a smaller size of the Liesl + Co Men's metro t-shirt but the idea of dealing with a PDF pattern seemed like too much work. Instead I reached for the unisex teen Hayden tee from Style Arc which I'd recently bought as part of a teen paper pattern bundle.

It's a nice boxy shape with dropped shoulder and split hem. I added a pocket to make it more like a pyjama set. I really like the T-shirt on him. Straight size 14.

As I was tracing the pattern I found an error with the printed pattern neckband sizes (reversed order) and emailed Style Arc who responded promptly and beyond that, it was a nice sew. With this fabric I could have shortened the neckband a little further for a flatter finish.

Easy and super satisfying pyjama sewing.

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  1. Very comfy pj’s and length is always the challenge.


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