Wednesday 23 March 2022

lil' scrappy camp shirt

Thinking it would work for something else altogether, I delved into the fabric stash and retrieved this little remnant of a "silk" digital print. 

Of course there wasn't enough for that idea, but I became obsessed with the idea of finally using it up...

The fabric came from the now-defunct Eliza's of Sunshine. I put "silk" in quotes as that's what the lady said it was, but I'm pretty convinced it's a rayon. Anyway, whatever it is, it's a nice, drapey, silky feeling fabric.

The print was divided into two halves with a central line parallel to the selvedges. That line is obvious enough that it would have to be used in such a way that it was in a seam or hidden.

I fixed on the idea of a cropped, short sleeve Camp shirt and then worked hard to make it happen.

From my 85cm length, here's my scraps. Honestly.

I almost gave up on the sleeve cuffs but then decided that for the sake of having to seam one of them, they were worth having. The craziness of the print meant that I was able to cut some pieces at right angles to the grainline.

A few little beige buttons from the stash and I was done. 

To see the same fabric, also used for a Liesl + Co pattern, here's Carita wearing it at Frocktails 2018 and getting a feature on the Oliver + S blog.

Pattern: Liesl + Co Camp Shirt
Size: 10
Mods: Cropped - please excuse wonky hemline.

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