Friday 24 September 2021

Parachute polo dress

We had a little burst of spring weather a few weeks back that had me excited to sew again, and A was keen for a t-shirt dress with a shirt collar...

This is the Oliver + S Parachute Polo lengthened and flared to a dress. A quick and easy modification.

I used the View B "girl's sleeve', and the size 12 tracing that I already had after making P's grade 6 graduation outfit last year.

The fabric is an organic cotton knit from Nerida Hansen. It's a lovely soft cotton lycra. It was a pleasure to sew and has been washed and worn a few times already with no sign of fading or wear and tear.

The collar and pocket (accidentally made smaller than the pattern intends) was a cotton voile from the scraps bucket.

There was a little bit of the Nerida Hansen fabric left over and I wondered if it could be incorporated into the side panel of the Parachute sweatpants - since I had the pattern out already. I reached for a green ponte dress of mine that I've worn on occasion but never really liked (poofy sleeves, silly neckline etc)

There's no way the pieces of the green dress would fit on the pants pattern, but the colour match with the green leaves of the floral fabric was too goof to pass on. So, I thought why not just repurpose the skirt, exactly as it is and gather/attach it to a t-shirt top...

The top part is the some pattern from Ottobre Spring (1) 2014 that I'd made back here. It's a bit tighter in this thicker knit, and maybe cutting the front on the bias affected the fit of the original design? Anyway, it was super quick and used up some leftovers as well as clearing space in my closet. Win!  

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