Tuesday 15 December 2020

Grade 6 Graduation

Today was the "graduation" day for P's grade 6 class. I'm yet to see or hear much about it, as we weren't able to attend in person, and I was working when the live video feed went up. But I do know what he wore, cause I made it...

The dress code was "smart casual" and he didn't really know what that meant.  We talked about whether he wanted to wear a suit - some kids did, or a button up shirt - he thought he might. But eventually he decided he wanted a t-shirt with a collar and his all time favourite cargo pants.

I was running low on fabrics suitable for pants, so I hit up the Brunswick stores and picked up this blue drill for just a few dollars. It's a cotton/synthetic (judging from the weird smell when ironed) and is sturdy but also lightweight enough to be summer long pants.

Then came the fabrics for the top which were picked from the stash. The pattern is the Oliver + S Parachute Polo shirt. It's a great pattern for a polo shirt using a woven fabric for the placket and collar. The only thing to note is that the interfacing on the back of the placket would be visible if it were worn wide open. I usually peel it back off to the edge of the placket after construction. I should just remember to cut a thinner strip.

The cotton for the placket and collar is a cute Zonen09 fabric from years ago that I purchased from Maaidesign and made this shirt.

I'd just seen Kylie and the Machine's new Sweary Sewist labels and P and I bought a pack from FibreSmith and agreed that we'd sneak a couple into his outfit.

He approved f the "I didn't fuck it up" label in the polo as it applied to both my sewing and his 7 years of primary school!

I did make him promise not to show anyone, but I'm not sure how well that worked out. The label that I put on the outside was this "Quality Shit" one, slipped into the pocket of his cargoes:

The Oliver + S Field Trip cargo pants are his all time favourite pants. I've just cut the bottoms off the two pairs that I made back here (and here), and turned them into shorts.

This pair are a size up from those (size 12) with 1" extra length mid thigh, and another 1&1/2" length at the hem. That pretty much puts us at the end of the pattern sizing. I'm not sure what's more alarming for me: his finishing primary school or his outgrowing the Oliver + S pattern sizing

Patterns: Oliver + S parachute Polo and Field trip cargo pants
Size: Shirt: Size 12 with 1" extra sleeve length beyond the short sleeve line
Pants: Size 12 with 1" length added mis thigh and 1&1/2" extra length at the ankle hem
Fabrics: Grey cotton lycra, Cotton lawn for collar, interfacing and buttons all from stash. Mystery synthetic/cotton drill from one of the shops on the east side of Sydney Rd

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  1. Another milestone and well dressed to say farewell to it. Really I think you could just add length in the appropriate places for a few more years.


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