Saturday 4 September 2021

Music Box Malory Towers

I hadn't even photographed the painstakingly slow knitting I did for my (then) Harry Potter obsessed daughter before she'd declared that her thing was now Enid Blyton's Malory Towers.

To be honest, I wasn't even listening when she made this declaration, but I was rummaging around for fabrics to make her something and she was talking about wanting a grey tunic dress. Wha???

Well, I had the fabric and I had the pattern and it would be a doddle compared to the as yet unphotographed Potter knitwear (already shoved in a drawer). Plus, I thought it would be a cute dress. Maybe not with all the retro public school girl trimmings as above...

The fabric is a stretch, grey wool woven from The Fabric Store eons ago. I'd bought two versions of the fabric. The grey with mustard checks became this dress that my mum now wears all the time. This smaller cut has tiny pink grid lines instead of mustard. It's lovely fabric and I would have kept it for myself for a shirt but there wouldn't have been enough.

There was just enough for this size 12 Music Box Jumper by Oliver + S. It barely fits and I think it's only the lycra content that has let me get away with it, but she loves it.

I added 3/4" to the bodice length and one extra button at the bottom. It's basically View B but under no circumstances was I allowed to do the central inverted box pleat or the cute littel pockets flaps. I just gathered the front skirt instead of a pleat. Here's a cute view B from way back with box pleat and pockets flaps with bugs!!

With a rather small cape, and a very small boater hat she took part in the last minute scramble that was an online book week dress up. If only we had a vintage looking lacrosse stick


  1. A lovely dress and hopefully she can get some more wear out of it as with some colour would be fabulous.

  2. I love this - also I was obsessed with Mallory Towers as a child to the point that I wanted to be sent to boarding school (!!). But I never thought to ask for a Mallory Towers uniform...hopefully she can use it a few more times. Halloween, perhaps? Also thanks for the reminder to use this pattern while my daughter can still fit into it - perfect fall dress...


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