Wednesday 30 December 2020

After School Pants and Jalie Jeans

Ages ago I bought a remnant of striped See You at Six denim from Maaidesign. Recently, A has a big thing for peach/apricot colours so I pulled this fabric, with its metallic peach stripe out and she loved it.

Crazy, stripey pants time!

The pattern is the Oliver + S After School pants. With my 1m of fabric I had just enough after some clever planning and very careful cutting.

The fabric has a diagonal stripe, so I cut the side panels on the bias to achieve the vertical stripes. It was a design choice but was also the only way the pattern pieces could fit on the fabric.

They're a size 12, and on a hunch I added probably an inch and a half to the front and back rises. The fit is perfect!

The cute little pocket frills are a lightweight cotton batiste.

Finally, a pair of pants that haven't been photographed, other than this phone picture of a butt:

Another pair of Jalie Eléonore pull on jeans with the same rise increase as the white ones from a few months back.

Also in a 1m remnant of fabric. This was a heavy knit that was destashed from Renae on Instagram and I thought would make cool kid jeans.


  1. those stripe pants are amazing and adorable.

  2. Crazy and unique striped pants that are amazing and those Jalie jeans sound like a good staple pattern.

  3. I saw these on instagram didn't realise that the fabric had a peach stripe - how perfect! The fit looks great and I am in awe of your 1-metre pattern cutting.


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