Friday 11 December 2020

Does it compile?

I'm not even going to pretend to understand my own title question, but I'm told the answer is "probably, yes"

A few months ago I spotted this cotton lycra print on the RubyJam instagram feed and immediately showed it to the head of the household IT Department (aka Flipper). I wasn't silly enough to buy fabric that looked like computer code without first checking that it really looked like computer code. He approved.

The pattern is the Liesl & Co Metro T-Shirt which is always a winner for him. The fabric quality is also really great. 

...and I'm told that the fabric design is sufficiently legitimate for a computer coder to wear it happily. Nice one RubyJam.

Please notice the new lawn which is Flipper's sole responsibility and growing luscious with all the attention. Also of note are the old aviators which he hasn't stopped wearing since Joe Biden won the US election. 

In the background of the first photo you can also see the earliest photos of our garden's "feature tree" We named it Sticky, as it arrived looking not at all like a feature, but more like a very expensive , tall twig. Hopefully there will be many more blog photos with Sticky looking more and more impressive... And the lawn still green (fingers crossed)


  1. Love the fabric! Woohoo Joe Biden won the US election!!!!!

    1. Thanks Rachel. I think the whole world is relieved at the US election outcome, not just those who still like to wear aviators.

  2. The perfect shirt and I just need to get better at fabric choice for DH.


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