Sunday 2 June 2019

Simple skirt gift

A friend of A's was having her birthday and she's one of the few kids that I try to always add a handmade gift when it's birthday time.

This skirt is super simple but came up looking really nice, I think. Although of course I should have ironed it before taking photos!

The skirt pattern is the skirt from the Building Block Dress Book, in size 6 with size 7 length (you guessed it, that's what I already had drafted)

I used my own tutorial for Oliver + S to sew an exposed elastic waistband : click on the picture below for the link

That version was in a knit, but it works just fine in a woven too. The skirt pattern being intended for a woven fabric. 

This gifted skirt was a fine teal/aqua check and might be a bit school uniform reminiscent if that was your colour. The fabric was from deep in the stash and I suspect came from a local Vietnamese fabric shop, the patterned elastic was from Eliza if I remember rightly and I found a little bit of miniature pom pom trim in my stash that matched the yellow in the elastic.

The hem is finished with an external facing and the pom pom trim was sewn to the raw edge of the facing before it was pressed under and stitched down. The external facing is also a technique covered in the Building Block Dress Book.

I rounded up the fabric and notions Thursday night and then sewed it up on Friday afternoon after a half day at work, for it to be gifted on Saturday. Cute and easy.


  1. Oh pretty! I need to track down some of that elastic if I can.

    1. Dare I enable a bit of shopping? ;)
      Try they're Hong Kong based and I had hem ship me some stuff very cheaply. Huge range and you can shop by width to make it even easier to find what you want.
      Sorry. :)

  2. Lovely gift, and the external facing with trim is a great idea. I used your elastic tutorial the other day for a skirt for R (haven't photographed it yet). I couldn't remember how I'd done the elastic waist in the past, so I just googled it and found your very useful post - thank you!

    1. Oh that's great to hear thank you! Isn't it funny how sometimes a seemingly simple thing can get confusing and you start doubting your wrong side to right side memory! :)

  3. Very cute skirt and I expect the recipient was very happy with it. Now that elastic link is very dangerous.


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