Monday 17 June 2019

Metro T for Flipper

It was birthday time and while all he ever wants is World Peace, or that model of bike that isn't released yet but has already sold out all over the world.... I figured I'd make him a T-shirt 'cause that's always sure to please!

He still wears the Galactica cross-stitch T-shirt all the time but it irks me that the sleeves are a bit short.

So this one is the same size XL Liesl & Co Metro T-shirt but with about 1" extra sleeve length.

The fabric is a bamboo jersey from the stash and I used self fabric for the neckband, then decided to add a back neck binding using the method described in Sasha SecondoPiano's free Basic InsTinct Tee.

The camera is stitched using the design from the another of the Amy Kallissa patterns that I picked up. (Here's Cedric the cat). There's no way I could use the iron on transfer on such dark fabric. I tried tracing onto tissue paper and stitching through that but it didn't work. I know I could have bought wash away stabiliser but I was trying to make do with what I had. Eventually I found that tracing the design with a chalk fabric marker then rubbing it face down onto the fabric gave me enough of an outline to stitch over.

It has a suitably shaky, handstitched look, no? :)

This T-shirt pattern suits him so well, giving me the perfect excuse to keep stashing good quality solid knits when I find them. 

Size: XL, +1" sleeve length at hem
Fabric: Bamboo jersey from stash
Embroidery: DMC cotton and Amy Kallissa design


  1. that looks fantastic and the embroidery looks very cool.

    1. THanks. It's fun being able to create things that are a bit different for the bloke. - and keeping him perpetually nervous about what he might receive next :)

  2. A great looking t-shirt and the embroidery is perfect.

    1. Thanks Sharon. It's been worn and washed a few times and looks like it might survive, so, maybe not perfect, but at least useful


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