Tuesday 28 October 2014

Another Metro T Mod

This is going to be a quick-ish blog post as it's after 3am (but the hat is finished - yay!!!)

I've started a regular gig on the Oliver + S blog, doing what I love to do, which is fiddling with their patterns!

I made another Metro T-shirt with the keyhole modification at the back....
The front looks like any long sleeve black t-shirt (which, in my city, you simply cannot have enough of!)
But at the back, there's my first ever bit of Liberty of London Tana Lawn. A whole 10cm (or $5) purchase. Decadent, huh?

Actually, the luxurious part is that I finally bought some of the gorgeous merino fleece from The Fabric Store for myself. Seemed only fair when A had her Red Peplum and her Pixcell Deer sweater and I had none...

With a fabric like this, with less stretch than you'd need for a normal neckband, the keyhole is a practical necessity as well as looking kinda nice.
There's a tutorial over at the Oliver + S blog showing how I did it. The trickiest part was photographing a tute using black fabric when you only get to sew after dark. I didn't think about that part...
I'll be back soon with some photos of my straw boater. I am absolutely delighted with it! (and I really, really need to buy a thimble)


  1. Thanks Jenya. It's had a bit of wear this week with out typical "spring" weather!

  2. Congrats on the new gig. 'Can't wait to see what you do.
    The modified t-shirt looks quite sophisticated this way

  3. Thank you! It does make it more than just a T-shirt I think.
    I'm so honoured to be an official Oliver + S poster, and so relieved, as my previous method was having to do everything once over again for a blog post. Now I just need my ideas to work first go and I'm sorted!

  4. I am really loving this more and more and got to make it after my current largish project is over. And you look lovely in it. Thanks for that excellent tut.

    1. Thanks Asmita. It's nice to hear that the tutorial was appreciated. I look forward to seeing your "largish" project!


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