Sunday 11 May 2014

For the man who has everything....

Today is Flipper's birthday (also known as mother's day to most of the rest of the world!), and what do you give the man who has everything?....

Lycra booties of course! And not just any old shoe covers, but monogrammed ones that you made yourself....

The internet abounds with patterns for sewing cycling shoe covers but they all looked very utilitarian (ie ugly) and were more like waterproof ponchos for your feet. These puppies*, however, are wildly impractical, will not keep your feet warm, or dry, but are guaranteed to make you look that little bit more pro. (and slightly less like a Fred)

And, as you get a year older, and probably a bit slower, not looking like a Fred might be all you can wish for! Happy birthday honey!

*Free downloadable PDF for this very niche market pattern will follow soon, I promise.


  1. You know I'll be the first to download that PDF!

  2. You were the ONE that I was counting on!

  3. Well that is a truly personal gift. And the world of cycling is now just that little bit more mysterious to me...
    Happy birthday to Flipper! And while I'm at it, happy mother's day to you :)

  4. You are awesome. Seriously.

  5. Hahaha. I am so lost. But you are clearly a very loving wife and Flipper is lucky to have you! :-) Happy mom's day!

  6. My partner wants to know if they are windproof?

    1. I'm being a bit silly to say they do nothing but look good. Lycra booties do keep your feet warmer. In a single layer like this they're not particularly windproof but they're better than nothing. A bit like how swimsuits make swimmers slide through the water faster than skinny dippers!
      You could double the layers or try and find thicker Lycra. However if you use neoprene or something less stretchy you'd need a velcro closure in the back. Those kind of overshoes are widely available in shops it's just Lycra ones that only come as part of professional team kit, and then don't match your gear, unless you happen to be in a professional team.....
      Bet you're glad you asked.
      Shelley xx

    2. Thank you for the explanation :) It sounds a bit complicated for me, so I might give it a miss. He hasn't gone for a ride since bubba was born, I thought if I made him a pair it might guilt him into using them!


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