Monday 22 August 2022

New camo cargos

I was going to share my Melbourne Frocktails outfit on the blog next, but I really didn't get good photos, and completely forgot to photograph the jacket at all. I'll have to iron the skirt, do my hair and start again. Don't hold your breath :)

Meanwhile, I made a new pair of cargo pants for the ever growing teenager.

I'd just measured him for another project that was a fit-fail, so I figured I'd launch straight in with this pattern. the Jutland Pants by Thread Theory. I'd made view A for Flipper back here, but for the kid is was to be the full view B cargo style

The smallest size, size 30, was for a 30" waist and 37" hip. He measured at a 28.5" waist at narrowest point, about 31" at the low waist undie level, and a 36" hip. I just made the straight size 30.

His all-time favourite pants have been the Oliver + S Field trip Cargo pants (shall we count the pairs?), and so he wanted the elastic waist of those, but also the zipper fly and button closure of these Jutland pants. Easy peasy, cause that saves me fitting the waist, I can just throw some elastic in. I used the Field Trip technique of running the elastic from under the front pocket belt loops and around the back, leaving a small flat section at centre front.

Going through those old blog posts had me discovering his first pair of mum-made cargo pants was April 2013 - we're only 6 months away from a ten year anniversary!

The fabric for these ones was a great find at Drapers fabric online store. Last year's printed camo drill from Spotlight has faded in the wash and is so thin, it's really very ordinary. This couldn't be more different. It's a cotton elastane so a bit of stretch, nice mid weight, not a real denim, but hefty enough for pants. It has quite a soft, almost brushed feel and none of the stinky printed smell of the previous fabric. I bought both this green and a blue colourway and have used about 1.5m for these pants.

I'll get stuck in and cut the blue pair shortly. I might add a bit of leg length just so they don't get outgrown in an instant, and he's requested the cargo pockets get moved up the leg by about 2' as they're a bit knee-low.

Nine and a half years of cargo pants and about all that's changed is adding zipper flies and making pockets large enough to hold a mobile phone.

I still have to empty all the pockets of LEGO pieces before they go in the wash....

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