Saturday, 2 March 2019

Thread Theory Jutland Pants

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest of places. I've bought a few Thread Theory patterns and sat on them for a long time. Specifically I've been meaning to muslin the Jutland Pants for Flipper for years.

Over that time I've bought quite a few metres of "trouser muslin" fabric with just that intention and then used it for other things. After sewing P's brown cargoes, A's brown culottes, then my own brown culottes, and photographing them all in front of the same purple wall, I suddenly decided that the last family member must have brown trousers and be posed in exactly the same way.

If that's not a perfectly valid reason to sew a pair of trousers then what is? :)

The Jutland Trousers are described as being a relaxed fit and I'd been intending to make the casual, hardworking pants option with cargo pockets and maybe even turning them into the long shorts he has always favoured.

But when I showed Flipper the pattern and the proposed fabric ($4/m mystery drill from Eliza's) he chose view A and suggested a pair of work trousers would be better.

He measured between the size 34 and size 36, but after my baggy, saggy arsed Comox trunks I thought we'd go down to the 34 and he had that ready-to-wear mentality that that was his size so why vary (well 'cause none of us are pattern and shop size matches, it just takes us ages of sewing to learn that!)

As they've turned out, they're a great office trouser fit. Looking at the pattern product images mine are certainly a slimmer fit than the pattern intends. Should I have made the causal cargo shorts in this size I think they'd be too narrow fitting for being comfy summer shorts. But, not bad for a straight out of the packet first try muslin, right?

I used some leftover quilting cotton for the trouser pockets and the waistband facing. There's a glimpse of it here where I delighted myself by getting my pocket edge understitching lined up pretty darn perfectly with my edgestitching. Kapow!!

Not knowing if they'd fit, I was lazy and just zig zag stitched all the seam allowances, although the inside leg seam is a flat felled seam. The finish on the welt pockets on the inside is very lovely and the front pockets are french seamed. If you were to follow the full instructions and bind the crotch seam allowances and the waistband facing, you'd haven exquisitely made pair of pants.

The welt pocket instructions were great, and the only spot where I made any changes was in the fly construction. But really, all I did was to trim the seam allowance on one side so that it finished in line with the fly shield and looked less like an redundant fabric flap.

So, I've set him the task of wearing them for as long as it might take me to ever getting around to making the next pair and then giving me fit notes about what's good or bad about them. 

Size: 34
Mods: None. hem turned up 2&1/2" here
Fabric: Stash poly drill and cotton for pocket bags etc


  1. Perfect reasoning for work trousers which look excellent and the welt pockets are very professional looking.

    I have found that the Jutland pants do have a slim leg which my husband prefers.

    1. I'm glad it's not just me and my poor use of a measuring tape. I'm sure these are meant to be a looser fit than this. Imagine if I'd made the other Thread Theory pants pattern. They would have been skin tight jeggings, which would not have gone down well at all :)

  2. Ha ha, yes, that seems like a perfectly valid reason to me. Love the pants. I have this pattern. Maybe one day my husband will get some pants ...

    1. Whatever gives you the inspiration Masha, I'm here to validate any silly idea!

  3. Pretty perfect muslin, I must say! I've been sitting on the Thread Theory Fairfield Shirt for ages now (muslin was not quite as perfect as yours) and keep feeling guilty that the husband doesn't get much in the way of hand-made of these days...

    1. THanks. I'm tempted to get the Fairfield when it gets printed as a paper pattern. Not because I need a men's shirt pattern (the Everyday Shirt by Liesl + Co is pretty perfect IMO) but just because I love the Thread Theory paper patterns and intend on curating the full collection like a stamp collector. How's that for stupid reasoning :)


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