Friday 8 July 2022

The Reluctant Astronaut

Back when I was procrastinating and avoiding sewing all that bear fluff, I received a request for help with an astronaut costume.

I'm no greenhorn and knew that my effort level would not match her enthusiasm and so my suggestion was a painter's boilersuit from the local op shop or a hazmat suit leftover from a Covid ward...

Somehow she convinced me that she'd LOVE this jumpsuit from an Ottobre magazine 

I bought some very cheap, but very soft, brushed cotton drill from Rathdowne Fabrics and sewed up pattern number 35 (Workman overall) from Ottobre 01/2016

Based on chest/waist/hip measurements I went with the 170cm size which has certainly turned out too big. I whipped up a belt from leftovers and turned up a big cuff and she made her primary school Space Agency lapel badge and at least, as far as a costume goes, it was done.

Of course there's no interest in wearing it as a jumpsuit now. Maybe we'll throw it in a dye bath, or leave it 'til next winter when it might fit better. I've been burned. Again.

Meanwhile a much more favoured sew was a pair of Spotlight fabric pyjamas to match her brother's (pattern details here). No changes other than not adding all the leg length that he needed.

And I used the 1m cut I had of a lovely cotton ribbing from Fabric Deluxe to make her a much loved turtleneck top.

I used the Liesl +Co Metro tee for this and lazily went with size M (the smallest already traced). I didn't have enough fabric for full length sleeves so added a cuff. But then discovered the top was far too long, so chopped the bottom off, doubled it and sewed it back on as a hem band. So little effort for much greater reward.

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  1. Mum's makes are way cooler to wear even for a play 🤞it has another outing. Great top and love the colour.


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