Sunday 2 February 2020

Kraft-Tex book launch and GIVEAWAY!

Let's do something fun and have a giveaway!

(honestly, I'm doing so much un-fun shit right now, I need this more than you do!!)

I hadn't let on, but back in 2018 I was approached to contribute an original design to a new book on how to use Kraft-tex vegan leather.

You can imagine my first reaction was holy cow, YES! Quickly, followed by a wailing But-I-don't-design-I-just-make!!

But there it is! That's my bag taking up most of the front cover of the Kraft-Tex Creations book.

There's so much you can do with Kraft-Tex. You can cut, stitch, paint, print, fold... Pretty much everything you can do with leather AND everything you can do with paper in one medium. 

I decided I'd like to use the ability to cut and wet shape the Kraft-Tex. And so, my bag is made from a flat piece of Kraft-Tex, cut with a stencil, reinforced at  the base and handles with stitching, then wet moulded to shape.

There are lots of other great projects in the book that make use of all the different ways you can tool around with Kraft-Tex. I'm looking forward to making a few myself as I'm going to keep a copy of the book for me.

But how about you? If you'd like to win a copy, there's a widget at the end of the blog post and I'll give away two copies:  One to an Australian entrant and another to an international entrant (I'm footing the postage bill, so that's as generous as I can be!). There's also a third copy that I'll give away locally on Instagram so you can go there and throw your name in the hat too.

On the cover of the book they styled my bag beautifully as a knitting bag. But the book includes instructions to sew a little cloth inner bag to make it a functional handbag.

At the end of 2018 I decided it went well with my Frocktails dress so it had a little hush-hush secret outing before the book launch.

I've also used it as a day to day handbag, and I can vouch for it's strength! One day when I decided I needed some groceries and this bag was all I had with me I used it to carry a dozen eggs, a litre of milk and a packet of butter home from the shops. It held up just fine!

Kraft-Tex is available in Australia from Kraft Kolour, but you might also find it elsewhere online. This project uses the full width of a roll, but only about 2/5ths of it's length, so you'd get plenty of other projects made from one roll of Kraft-Tex.

I'm very excited to have created something for the book and I hope you can have a play with Kraft-Tex and create something yourself. Or maybe try my bag?!

Good luck!

Kraft-Tex Creations Giveaway


  1. Love this bag and I was wondering if that was your knitting.

    1. THanks Sharon, no, I haven't taken up knitting! But my version of the bag IS currently filled with yard for a secret project!

  2. I can't wait to read this book - I know I have barely scratched the surface of things I can do with Kraft-tex. Thanks so much!!!


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