Thursday 4 July 2019

Secret Valentine Exchange Part V

This is June's edition of my year of making gifts for the slumbering Secret Valentine Exchange. I've just received word that it has arrived at it's destination, so it's time to share here.

Quite what it is, is debatable. Why it came into being, doubly so. But there was no doubting the genuine delight and warmth from the recipient when she received it.

This one was not commissioned. I simply started making something with no intention and when the kind @ecoleemhof on Instagram said it was beautiful, that decided it. It would be posted to her. 

Off it went to Florida, where Valerie, aka ecoleemhof was having a rough day and feeling a bit overwhelmed and lonely until she opened the post. How fabulous that my giant, pointless doily could brighten someone's day on the other side of the world. That's what it's all about!

I crocheted the thing (trivet, doily, placemat?) using two strands of the chunky cotton and one strand of the wonderful Habu paper moire from String Harvest. Possibly a size 9 crochet hook but I confess I forget.

The pattern is one from the Crochet Workshop book and is intended to be made with a single strand of finer yarn, and a smaller hook and end up no bigger than a drink coaster. Upscaled it turns out kind of cool.

I almost cried when I read Valerie's lovely thank you note and what a gift it is to be able to make something and send it off to someone for no reason other than you're sure they're a good person and it would be nice to give them something.

As a treat for myself I bought some flowers purely so I could photograph my big, pointless doily thing looking pretty. And that cheered my day up too. What a treat.


  1. The colour and texture are very interesting and this makes it so useful for a variety of uses. So glad it brightened Valerie's day.

  2. This turned out really pretty! As for 'pointless', that could be said of anything that exists purely for beauty's sake, but these things make us feel happy, comforted, loved - and that makes them just as important as things that serve a more concrete purpose. It's lovely that your gift brought so much pleasure to someone so far away!


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