Sunday 21 July 2019

Liesl + Co Gelato Blouse

My timeline is all over the shop, but a funny failed cake baking afternoon which was meant to put me in the same stratosphere as the hilarious @rou2an1_made , at least meant I got the impetus to blog this gorgeous blouse.

I can't bake. No qualifiers. I just suck at it.

But I can sew, and I can source great patterns and nice fabric easily enough.

This is the Gelato Blouse by Liesl + Co. Now, I'm not normally a ruffles person, but when I found this lovely light, soft rayon at Draper's Fabrics I knew it wanted to be a Gelato Blouse

I've got some plans for the dress version of this pattern and I wanted to make the top as a first run through and size test. I've made the size 8 which is a slight downsize as I measured between the 8 and the 10. My only modification was an inch and a half extra length through the waist area

It's a simple pullover top, but has a button placket and buttons down the back just 'cause they look cute!

The instructions are superb as always with Liesl + Co. The neckline is finished with a bias facing. There's a bust dart, perfect sleeve head and then those fun ruffles.

After I'd worn it once or twice I noticed that the button placket was gaping. Maybe I need a bit more room across the back, but it doesn't feel tight. I guess it's just the day to day movement causing a bit of tension. The easy solution was to simply stitch the button placket closed by stitching directly on top of the topstitching on the left side of the upper placket and just catch the underneath right placket below.

I wish I could remember how much fabric I bought but I think it was a metre and a half and I had exactly the right amount for this top. Without the directional print it could be done with less I'm sure. The chocolate colour is just lovely and the little beige grey clouds had me gasping. There was no way I was leaving the store without some of this fabric, and I'm so glad I bought it. It's one of those rayons that feels really soft and lovely.

The pattern and the fabric get two big thumbs up from me.

My cake baking was a thumbs down, but it was delicious, and to be honest, nobody has any expectations of me in the kitchen, so it's all sweet! :)

Pattern: Liesl + Co Gelato Blouse, View A
Size: 8 with 1&1/2" length
Fabric: Rayon from Draper's Fabrics
Notions: Buttons from my Buttonmania stash


  1. Beautiful blouse and my baking is a major fail.

    1. Oh dear, my bigger fail is my tardiness ta replying to lovely blog comments! Thank you xx

  2. This top is lovely and graceful on you! It doesn't read twee or "ruffly" at all. You're cracking me up with your bundt - I'm not much of a baker either, my culinary gifts lie with making actual dinner! It's fine because my sister is a great baker!

    1. THanks Inder. I think my talents might lie in G&Ts or maybe espresso coffee....

  3. This is a lovely blouse. The ruffles made me hesitate to get the pattern too, but seeing yours has made me rethink...

    1. Thank you. I think so long as the fabric is drapey enough to avoid clown suit style ruffles then it's great. the dress will be a real hot weather winner of a pattern


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