Monday 29 April 2019

Jump Rope for winter

Back when I made A her birthday Jump Rope dress I was immediately reminded of what a delightful pattern it is, and since I'd traced off the view B as well, I jumped (get it) straight back in for another round.

The View B is the same gorgeous placket and collar, but this time with an A line dress, long sleeves and sweet little gathered pockets.

I'd previously made it way back when she was just learning to stand up, let alone jump rope, and used a corduroy for winter. I think it's a lovely winter dress. Ready for a flashback?....

How does that happen? …. I swear I haven't changed a jot, or aged a day.... :)

I think this fabric purchase might have dated way back to 2012 as well. I'd originally bought it intending to make her a trench coat, but then decided it would look a bit more patchwork dressing gown and less haute couture than I was imagining. 

It sat in the stash for ages and then eventually I made myself an Everyday Skirt with it. Blog post confirms that skirt was 2014.... I worse that skirt A LOT. All through winter I'd wear it with tights, boots and a long sleeved plain t-shirt. It was quite surprising how many different tops it actually went well with. Eventually it was too big and so I sent it off to the charity shop. Hopefully somebody else is enjoying it.

So, with no fear of matchy-matchy, the fabric could be revisited.

It's a poly-suiting with a slight velvet/flocked feel. Weird, but nice. I'd love to say I used it all up but there's probably enough for a little tote bag or similar. Which reminds me: I do have a clutch bag that I made for Frocktails 2017 to go with my red dress. I guess she could borrow my Ida Clutch for the whole ensemble look :)

We were snapping photos of this dress on a cold, rainy day back in March. Every now and then the rain would stop and we'd take a few picks. Then the rain would start again, but the sun was still shining and the rain blowing sideways. It was a modelling challenge alright. She's tough.

Of course I hope to see it worn as it looks lovely on, but mostly I just made it because I wanted to. That pattern, that fabric and the moment came over me. 

Pattern: Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress, View B
Size: 8, no modifications
Fabric: Poly suiting from GJ's way, way back.
Notions: Buttons from the stash.


  1. It looks really cosy and great for cold weather. And those cute!!

    1. THanks! The pockets are sweet aren't they. The beauty of this pattern is that the placket and the pockets could be transposed onto any other pattern once she's outgrown this one.

  2. I love it!!! This view is so cute, and like you say, a great winter dress. I was also thinking this would make a great top for a boy, shortened a bit. Have you already tried that?

    1. Ha ha, of course I have! First I just made the top part in a knit with the same collar for A when she was little:
      And then, yes it became a tutorial for Oliver + S using the Jump Rope placket and the Sketchbook shirt/collar to make a boy's polo. Of course, that was just before the parachute polo pattern came out:

  3. I love the fabric and the pattern is very sweet - terrific job again!

  4. The perfect coloured dress for autumn and winter, love it with the tights and boots.

  5. It's gorgeous, I love the colours.
    I have some similar tones plaid to make the Summer version totally copying one Liesl made for Tsia.


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