Wednesday 27 March 2019

Pyjamas instead!

Which of the Oliver + S patterns that topped out at size 8 was I going to sew next? Well, none of the ones I'd previously mentioned or thought of, as it happened....

I'd been meaning to sew both kids the Bedtime Story pyjamas for some time now, and had the flannel stashed away from ages ago when I'd seen it on sale at Spotlight.

The pyjama pattern that is known as the "ninja pyjamas" is a big favourite at our house and the kids wore these ones, made back in 2014 for ages

In fact, my kids wear all their pyjamas for ages :)

Pyjamas are one of those garments where I don't care if ankles and wrists are on show and they look weirdly small. If they're clean and the kids are comfortable then aesthetics be hanged. Case in point, A has only just now put aside the size 4 Sleepover pyjamas that Clippy Cloppy is wearing in the next pictures!

And so, of course, by comparsion, these Bedtime Story pyjamas seem huge. And they are generously long in both leg and arm, but the pants actually fit perfectly well. 

I was hoping they might still fit P but he struggled to get the waist over his hips and the front to back crotch seam was too tight. In all, too many alterations would have been needed and his flannel can simply be used with the Sleepover pattern that goes up to size 12.

She is beyond delighted with these and has turned very cuddly in the evenings, all thanks to some new pyjamas. Easy trick there, sewing parents, try it! :)

The pattern is lovely to sew. Simple yet neat construction and the only change I make, from experience, is to add a little square of interfacing at the points where the ties attach to the kimono style top. 

I just noticed Spotlight has flannel on sale again at the moment, maybe I need to replenish the stash! I've been so good this year with everything I've shown on the blog to date all being stashed fabric. Yay me. Time to shop, now?

It's defintely time for the ninja pyjama pose:

Size: 8, no changes made
Fabric: main and contrast are both flannelette from Spotlight, aged for >3 years in the stash 
Modifications: Just a bit of interfacing at the tie attachements. Gotta keep a ninja garment structurally sound!


  1. Great looking pyjamas and thanks for the reminder I need to update mine.

    1. Thanks Sharon! Now I'm laughing imagining that you've grown so much that your pyjama pants are above your ankles. :)

  2. I love love LOVE these pjs but alas, my children don't like the ties. I am super disappointed about it.
    I agree, a gorgeous pattern.
    I am waiting to see your Playdate dress next...

    1. Yeah, the ties were a nuisance when they couldn't tie them themselves. Now I have to help roll her sleeves up before dinner! :)

  3. I love these too (particularly the ninja pose!). I agree with motherof5, though - the ties were a bit of a pain, especially when my younger one had to do it ALL HERSELF! Must remember to try this pattern again when we need some pjs for travels to places with colder nights.

  4. Just been recently visiting your blogs. Really love it.


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