Thursday 24 May 2018

Comox Trunks Flop

From the dizzying heights of the anorak-of-the-decade we come crashing down to the birthday-trunks-of-no-appeal.

When I was in Jimmy's Buttons I spied some of the lovely, wide elastic that has the soft, brushed underside. Perfect for finally making a pair of Thread Theory Comox Trunks. I measured up the husband in the lead up to his birthday - no subterfuge needed, he shows zero interest in sewing related matters and was not the least bit curious as to why he was being measured.

His measurements put him between the size 34 and size 36. The Thread Theory advice was to choose the larger size if between sizes. I ignored that as a size 36 just seemed to big, so I went lower and made a straight size 34.

I cut them out of this scrap of shark knit (from Spotlight and previously used here) but failed to notice that I'd included part of the selvedge on the underside which for some inexplicable reason is bright orange. There was no re-cutting and so I laughingly added some other random, orange highlights in the hope it might look more like a design feature than a mistake.

Turns out he didn't notice the orange triangle at the crotch seam but was baffled as to why I'd added a key chain loop to his undies. :)

The printed pattern that I have had an error in regards to mirroring the cutting of the fly shield pattern pieces. The errata note was in there with the pattern, but it referred to only one image in the instructions being reversed. In fact the first few steps of the instructions are all altered somewhat and it took a bit of concentration to get the fly front opening correct.

I changed the construction a little in order to make a burrito out of the crotch gusset and not have any exposed seams.

Completely unwittingly I landed a couple of very formidable sea creatures right in that crotch gusset. Is that a Giant Moray Eel in your trunks darling, or are you just happy to see me?

So is he happy with the trunks? Um... no. They looked huge to me as I was sewing them and I even shortened the waist elastic by another inch from the pattern's suggested length. He eventually tried them on at my urging. The waist is saggy, the mid section moderately loose and the leg cuffs probably a bit tight. I've enocuraged him to wear them for more than 2 seconds and give me feedback as to getting the fit right, but to no avail.

Perhaps he's just not a trunks kind of guy.

Not to worry, that brushed elastic will be perfect for gym pants for me!


  1. Too bad. But your fabric choice (scrap..I totally get) was amusing. I have never been successful with underware patterns for anyone in the family except me and that is because I took some RTW that fit well (but were ready for trash) and cut them up for a pattern. I keep trying new stuff every now and then tho.

    1. I confess I'd never tried underwear before. I should make some for the kids as it would use up the tiny bits of fabric. It just seems a lot of work for something so trivial... :)

  2. Up until last year hubby wasn't interested in trunks but all of a sudden it is all he wears. Now did Jimmy have any other colour in the elastic and how do I order from him?

    1. Hi Sharon, I bought some black and some white. He has a crazy big range of curious elastics but I only saw this with of the soft backed stuf fin black or white. I'd probably try phoning and describing what you want. Or just tell me and I'll get it and post it up to you. - along with those tassel earrings I've promised to make you!


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