Tuesday 19 July 2016

Long Sleeved T's Part II : Pim & Pom

Shortly after P got his Pokemon t-shirt, I was thinking it was time A got a stencilled t-shirt of her own. She had been talking about which Pokemon character she wanted, when....

We went to see a film about the cutest pair of cartoon cats: Pim & Pom
The Adventures of Pim & Pom is a dutch cartoon drawn from stories dating back to the middle of last century (Wiki link in English: Pim & Pom) and the latest film; Pim & Pom's Great Adventure was being shown at ACMI

The cartoon has a really nice aesthetic with lovely colours, simple shapes and super cute animation. Add in some very catchy tunes and a ripping plot line and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  There was plenty of laughter and quite a few tears (that's my boy!) when Pim & Pom had a falling out and became temporarily estranged from each other.

I had to make a Pim & Pom t-shirt

I must have had the iron settings too low as the freezer paper didn't stick down as well as it usually does and my background shapes ended up a bit wonky. Again, I cut out all the bits, then replaced them all as I ironed the stencil onto the t-shirt.

Then I could remove one part, let A paint that colour before removing the next part and so on. If I were patient I would let the paint dry then replace the stencil but I tend to just let A paint most of the colour block then I do the bit close to the previous colour so they don't overlap.

The T-shirt fabrics were chosen purely by what was in the stash, of about the right amount and could be used up in one t-shirt. Then I tried to mix the pink paint as closely as possible to the sleeve colour and then tinted the blue and yellow paints 'til they seemed like complimentary colours to the pink - to my eye at least!

The T-shirt pattern is the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan Tee. My notes say size 5 with about 1 1/2" extra body length and 1 3/8" extra sleeve length. It's plenty roomy enough and long enough so hopefully it will be worn until it's faded!

Much less recognisable than a Pokemon character for the average under 10 year old, but I'm sure Dutch people in their 50's would say "Dat is veel koeler dan Pokemon"*

*bad, bad Google translate user, I know :)



  1. Perfect translation! I have not seen the movie, but immediatly recognised the drawing style, how cool the movie is in English as well!

    1. Thanks, I knew I had a dutch speaking audience! The movie is adorable, well worth tracking down to watch with, or without, kids.

  2. Dat is veel koeler dan Pokemon indeed!!! Love love love the tee. My eyes suggest the colours go well together also ;)

    1. Thanks Jenya. In real life the pink rectangle is a bit too red for the pink sleeves, and of course my daughter pointed that out. I appreciated her eye for colour before blinding her with the end of my paintbrush! (joking, obvs)

  3. Those kittens are so cute and the t-shirt is lovey with all the colours that work so well together.

    1. Thanks Sharon. Good animation is just the best, and these simple drawn styles still really work. Probably better most of the time than all the computer generated style stuff IMO


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