Tuesday 2 September 2014

Little Things to Sew: Cover to Cover Challenge - final scorecard

As the Little Things to Sew Cover to Cover Challenge was drawing to a close this weekend I received this lovely email from Wagyu Burger:

That letter made me happy in so many ways. Firstly she used the phrase "busting my balls" which cracked me up, and then when I thought about how she was making stuff she didn't really need, and then having fun with it, and with her little kid, and that I was somehow a part of that....

Well, I got a bit choked up, to be honest.

You see it's you guys who have made this Challenge such fun for me. I love seeing new pictures popping into the Flickr pool, and I love seeing the "Want to go all the way with me" button on your blogs.

For those of you who are still making projects from the book, and perhaps thinking you will finish them all one day, here's a new blog button for you to indicate that, while I've rolled over and gone to sleep, you're still trying to reach your goal!

There was a great flurry of last minute photos added to the Flickr Pool and special mention has to be made of Fork and Needle who got 5 more projects thrown in at the last minute (check out her blog post). Knowing she's in New Zealand, I really appreciated her honesty in respecting her own personal time zone deadline!

So, here's the updated, final version of the PDF scorecard. (link here)

I've printed off everyone's names to go into a hat (Bucket Hat, project number 5, of course!) to draw the gift voucher from our awesome sponsor The Fabric Stash.

Your name will be in the hat as many times as you have unique, completed projects assigned to you on the scoreboard. I'll try and draw the prize in the next day or two when I can wrangle the kids into helping me, so stay tuned. The winner will be contacted by Flickrmail.

If it's feeling a bit anticlimactic for you, I can only offer a very warm virtual hug, and the reassurance that I will always be interested and enthusiastic about every project you make.

Please keep submitting projects to the Flickr Pool and keep your own tally of which projects you have left to go. I would be delighted to continue to interview anyone who completes the whole set, or to host anyone on the blog who figures out a clever twist to one of the patterns, or just wants a platform for anything related to Little Things To Sew.

Thanks everyone, it was great!

xx Lightning McStitch


  1. What a great email! I think this was a really fun challenge and enjoyed seeing the projects too. I sewed up a few I know I wouldn't have gotten to as well. Thanks for hosting it!

    1. Great! I'm so happy to have inspired people to make things that they weren't planning on making! Weird ambition but it amused me to think of people thinking, "oh must I?" and then making something really cool.

  2. It was am awesome challenge Shelley and I will be glad to join in the next one! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, it was great having you along. you are a sewing demon!

  3. I agree with the above comments, it was an awesome and fun challenge. You put in a lot of hard work to make it a success.
    Since I was just starting to enjoy myself, I grabbed your button and will carry on!
    Thanks Shelly!

    1. Thanks Deb! Glad you like that button. I was very tempted to make one for myself after your comments about me playing with myself. But then I definitely wasn't alone, was I?
      Your every Oliver + S pattern challenge is one I'm lagging behind on, but certainly working towards.

  4. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed joining in this challenge. There are so many projects I still want to make, but not enough time for me to complete them by end of August! (Ironically I now have 2 days free a week to enjoy a bit more progress now that nursery and school have started up - Better late than never?)

    I have put the Puppet Show Theater on my list thanks entirely to you. I would have glossed over it but I loved seeing yours so much and hearing how the all the kids enjoyed playing with it that I will make one soon.

    Thanks for all your efforts Shelley, you were the perfect host!


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