Thursday 24 July 2014

KCW: Mid week report

Kid's Clothes Week: I am having such fun sewing. I've done what I always do and become carried away with projects. It will take until the end of the week before I come up for air and get to see what everyone else has made.

First up, I made a simple turtleneck sweater for A.

The fabric is a gorgeously soft merino fleece that I bought at the recent sale at The Fabric Store. While I was shopping there I bumped into Jorth and Nikkishell of Handmaker's Factory fame! Of course it was the one day of the week that I wasn't wearing my Carnaby Cape. I think that would have been one of very few opportunities to meet a pattern designer while wearing their pattern. Rats.

And, of course, the cream merino fleece that was exactly what I wanted was one of the few fabrics that wasn't on sale. Never fear, they were carrying plenty of bags and I was about to fill mine, so it was a very happy shopping experience and rendezvous for all!

Google images came to the rescue with an image of a red deer. I added those dodgy looking hooves myself with as every deer photo that was posed well had the deer standing either in long grass or in snow. Those critters sure don't show their feet off!

I packed my lovely Noodlehead pouch (thanks Suzy!) and headed into town for a lesson in how to sew beads.

In a beautiful building in town, (The Nicholas Building) is a shop I'm embarrassed to admit I'd never been into before: Maria's Beads and Trims. Here I found jar after jar after jar of the most perfect beads. Even better, I found a very helpful Mary, who was interested in my project and perhaps quite bemused by this very enthusiastic, complete novice who'd wandered in off the street. She invited me to come back to be shown how to sew beads. And so yesterday I did.

Every year when Le Tour comes around I seem to unconsciously pick some involved hand sewing project, and it just works perfectly! If you can't ride in France, then sit on the couch and sew, and dream about riding in France.

I've been making steady progress, and am well beyond this last progress photo...

However, I hadn't been home long past my sewing lesson, when I managed to snap the only beading needle I'd bought. So the beading project was laid aside for a while and I hit the machines.

I had previously bought a remnant of the same gorgeous merino fleece in a deep red colour, so I figured it was time to make the Issey Miyake inspired peplum top:

Keen to try another kid's T-shirt pattern I printed off the Oliver + S School Bus T-shirt. I chose the size 3, then, for no real reason, added 3/4" to the sleeve length. Then I lopped of about 4" from the bottom and drafted a pattern piece for a peplum. The Oliver + S tutorial site suggested 150-200% the width of the t-shirt. I went for 175% and it was just the right amount of gathered!

I didn't have ribbing of the right colour for the neck, so I did a bound neck finish using the same wool. Before I'd done that it was clear that the wool had a bit less stretch than would be required and the neckhole looked mighty small. I deepened it at the front by about 3/4" tapering that to the shoulders. Then tried to finish it without losing any stretch. It was ludicrously difficult to get on (and off again at the end of the day) so I'll have to go back another day and chop off the binding, making the neckhole bigger and then bind it again.

I bought a new beading needle, and a bag of necklace beads hoping I could keep A entertained while I did some more beading....

She concentrated fiercely, but did end up pricking herself with the darning needle, threw a wobbly and I had to finish her necklace for her after all.

And then we picked up P from school and he drew a vampire which is going to go on a T-shirt. He drew with a transfer pencil and then I ironed the image onto the fabric. Now I've painted over it with puff paint (he couldn't have all the fun!) and once it's dry I'll sew up his School Bus t-shirt.

And the cream turtleneck sweater got it's buttons and buttonholes, and there's one more garment in the works.
How's your KCW going? You don't have to answer til Sunday as I may not resurface again until then either. Happy sewing!


  1. love that top and the inspiration behind it!

    1. Thanks Sophie. It's not too literal a translation but I'd never really thought of peplums before.

  2. I'm just now working on a few t-shirts for KCW and thinking about putting an image (a deer, naturally) on them. How did you do your deer?
    Oh, and if you ever want a photo of deer tootsies, my local doe will be happy to pose for you.

    1. I knew you'd have the best photos. I used T-shirt transfer paper to print the photo and transfer it to fabric. It would make a great iron on transfer by itself without all the beading.

  3. Since you brought up the cape again (and how cool that you met them!), I have a question. I was all set to make the Oliver + S cape and then saw your Handmakers Factory cape and now don't know what to do. Love the tie on Handmakers, love the buttons down the front on Oliver + S. I'll wear it (if I can) for about 2 month pregnant and then postpartum. Which would you say is better suited to that um...situation or shape?
    Also, the deer is AMAZING! What a great idea! I'm excited to see the finished product.

    1. I feel well qualified to answer this one as I have, and often wear, both capes. I think the Woodland Stroll would work well for almost all of a pregnancy as there is plenty of room under it. I know one of the women who frequents the O+S forum recently made some adjustments to it to make it even more maternity friendly. Unless you get super big it may not be necessary. I could certainly stuff a plump pillow up under mine!
      The Carnaby Cape with the belt may be less suited to maternity wear, unless you wanted to put the bound buttonholes a bit higher than you otherwise might and belt it above the belly, in which case it would be super cute.
      I'd vote for both, the Woodland Stroll now, then the Carnaby Cape for postpartum. Have fun!

    2. Thanks so much! Of course I don't NEED two capes but this is a darn good reason to have them both!

  4. That red peplum top is really lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that deer, too.
    I also love the NIcholas Building - did you go to the fantastic Japanese fabric shop? And the one that sells the vintagey notions?

    I've just about finished the two items I had planned for KCW, but with this dismal weather and the early sunsets I don't think they will be photographed til the weekend.

    1. Thanks Marisa. Yep I am very fond of Kimono House, L'Ucello and Buttonmania, and so I always seem to visit the 2nd floor and forget to explore anywhere else. they have open art/craft nights there and I should go one evening to see who else is in there and what they're up to.
      I'm struggling with daylight for photography too. Looking forward to seeing what you've made. Anything Japanese?

    2. Yes - just put up two things from 'a sunny spot' on the KCW site and when I checked them on the projects page, guess whose cool vampire t-shirt was right next to my dress and cardigan!

  5. I'm wildly jealous of all the KCW sewing going on. There is none happening here-just not the week for it! Looks like a great bunch of projects and a lot of fun.

    1. Thanks. Sometimes the timing just doesn't work out, does it. I've really enjoyed going with the theme this season. Here's hoping I can bead that deer by the end of the week....

  6. LOVE this top! I bet it feels wonderful in the merino knit, and the peplum is just so sweet. Great color too:)


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