Tuesday 18 February 2014

Secret Valentine Exchange - Happily receiving!

After a not unexpected balls-up from our local postal delivery service I received my Secret Valentine gift yesterday.

I took the kids from the Post office to a coffee shop and while I was ordering they "unwrapped" my present for me. The wrapping was divine and thankfully Suzy from Floating World  had taken a picture for the Flickr group in it's pristine state.

Inside was the loveliest zippered pouch and an apple pincushion.

I popped them on a shelf to take some pictures and immediately the Bookshelf hens came over to look.....

That apple really does look delicious!

I realised that I hadn't made things easy for my Secret valentine as I am deliberately vague about who I am, what I like and so on. I'm afraid she wouldn't have found any insight into me by looking at my "about me" tab on the blog or any other way really. I may never work out the balance between privacy and sharing. I guess I hope the occasional snippet lets the regular blog visitors feel like friends (and you are!) but keeps the weirdos from learning too much too easily.

I had said that I liked Grey and Brown and "doing things". Not overly helpful of me, but Suzy made me the most gorgeous gift. There's every shade of earthy, murky green, grey and brown that I love and I confess my pins go from garment to pin packet, often via being dropped on the floor and my sewing notions are largely in a plastic shopping bag. Not only do I love this gift I obviously needed it too!

Thanks again Suzy, and happy (belated) Valentine's Day to everyone (except maybe the local parcel delivery guy)


  1. what an awesome valentine's day surprise. i'll bet it would be hard to think of something going on such little info but Suzy did great! :) (Though I totally get you about the internet and privacy. I intentionally try not to over-share on my blog.) :)

  2. They are both gorgeous, I admired them when I saw them in the flickr group! I'm looking forward to sharing your scarf on my blog later on this week :)

  3. Such useful Valentine's gifts! I really like the idea of a swap like this. I might even go so far as to say it would be much better than the usual Valentine's gifts (if you are fortunate enough to receive them, that is :(
    I made my sister a pincushion a few years ago and she loves it and I really should make another for me.
    All up, it looks like a lot of fun and everyone gets some Valentine's 'loving'.


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