Wednesday 4 September 2013

Why can't we have Protour day?

So, tomorrow is "footy colours day" at P's kindergarten. I confess I did see the notice about this a week ago but as I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in Australian Rules Football I ignored it.

Had it been declared to be Protour colours day I could have got excited about that. I could have happily stencilled a big pink T on s shirt and sent him off as a Jan Ulrich from Team Telekom in the good ol' days

Or even more fun for a crafty mum, how I would have loved to get some paint out and knock out a Mapei kit à la Cadel circa 2002

Or, without making anything, P might still be able to squeeze into his own yellow jersey, seen here in celebratory pose after Cadel Evans' win in the 2011 Tour de France:

Eeek. he looks so little!

Yet today when I picked P up from kindy he said he HAD to wear footy colours tomorrow and declared which was his team. I suspect that choosing your team (rather than inheriting one from your folks) could actually be a really monumental moment in a kids life, but as I don't think he has the faintest idea of what it's all about, I'm remaining dismissive of the whole thing.

As a supportive, loving mum I did, however, volunteer to make him a footy colour T-shirt for kindy. He got all whiney on me and wanted to buy "a real" one from a shop. That lead to a really long discourse from me about branded merchandise from which P was eventually rescued by A spotting a garbage truck and shouting about it very loudly. I hadn't even got to the bit about offshore manufacturing and child labour.

The deal breaker in the end was that if we made our own P could do the painting of the logo. My kids seem to respond to paint like others respond to candy or some grown-ups to crack cocaine.

We did an internet search for the logo of his chosen team. All I know of this team is that their training oval is nearby and is a great place to fly a kite on a windy day.  We hit up Spotlight for the Setacolour fabric paint and then I cut out a freezer paper stencil.


 I don't know if my anti-merchandising tirade was at all effective, but the power of paint certainly won him over and P declared this to be much better than buying a shirt after all. Yay!

We let the paint dry in the afternoon and in my evening sewing time I've pulled out the overlocker (man I love that machine) and whipped up yet another Oliver + S Field Trip raglan T-shirt.

I'm wishing I put the logo higher up

I've just snuck into his room and popped it on the foot of the bed. I hope he'll be pleased and, if I can be forgiven for trying to influence my children, I hope he'll quickly lose interest in AFL football.


  1. Ha ha, the 'left on the foot of the bed' trick. Gets them every time.
    Well done, I am with you on the merchandising crap. I hope he loses interest too. Hugo hasn't-groan.

    1. Thanks, I'm not the fastest sewer , so making something and leaving it for them to discover is a bit of magic as far as both of us are concerned!

  2. WELL DONE!! The shirt looks great, and the lesson of process over purchase is much easier learned through good fun and creativity. I'm taking a lesson from you. :)

  3. Great job with the freezer paper stencil! I'm all for making your own vs. the unattractive mass produced junk that's out there.;)

    1. Thanks, I'm counting my blessings that he at least chose a team with a very stencil-friendly logo

  4. You crack me up!! "crack cocaine for some people" Here people like to wear their favorite player's name and numbers. I can't for the life of me figure out why you would want to wear someone else's shirt?!

    1. They sure do love paint! I saw a guy this morning at a coffee shop after his morning bike ride in full World Cup winners kit. What did he win a world cup for? latte drinking? :) The only thing that's worse is wearing one team's top with another team's shorts. Cross dressing in it's true sense is much more tolerable than team-cross-dressing!


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