Wednesday 28 August 2013

This one has a little car....

One of the books that I'm reading over and over again at the moment is Dr Seuss' One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

I'm pretty certain that I could recite it in my sleep. I've been hanging out for a rainy day at work when someone might bring in a particularly wet dog and I can turn to the nurse and say "Say, look at this wet pet. You never yet met a pet, I bet, as wet as they let this wet pet get"

Anyway, back to sewing.... When A gets dressed (amidst the screaming) she's been asking for her "car top". I hadn't had a clue what she meant as she doesn't have a car top. There's a top with vespa scooters on it, but no that wasn't it. Finally,  we happened upon a photo of her from summer wearing a T-shirt with a car appliqued on it. So that was the car top.

OK, handy mummy to the rescue. I can do a long sleeve version of that. She chose the fabric, she chose the car picture. So now, this one has a little car.....

But do you think she'll wear it?....

Sorry folks, more pegged up clothes photos coming up:

Pattern: Oliver + S Field Trip. Size 2 straight up. Cotton/lycra

And a close up of my car. I used fusible web to attach the car bits then handstitched the edges with a blanket stitch

 I've been a bit bothered by my necklines on knit sewing as the seam allowances don't stay down and the neck tends to roll in, so this time I tried sewing it down using the double needle. Have to say I love the look of it.

Next I need to try a little bit of bias binding to cover the seam allowances and give the insides a really clean finish. Then I think I'll feel like the master of T-shirt sewing.

There are so many wonderful illustrations in the Dr Seuss books I can see myself doing lots of T-shirts with images on them. I should try Transfer Artist Paper and save myself some sewing time, especially if it's to be consigned to the won't wear it drawer. Sigh.

From there to here and here to there, funny things are everywhere......


  1. Great post..awesome shirt and appliqué .. Love reading blogs like yours that make me lol:)

  2. Thanks, if you didn't laugh you'd cry some days.

  3. I can recite Cat in the Hat eyes closed, I'm really hoping for that phase to pass soon. Maybe back to the if you have a lot of ink then you should get a yink I think :) I like the double stitch at the neckline!

  4. Ha! The yink and his pet mink were drinking pink ink from the sink according to P at breakfast just this morning! Great way to learn spelling so I'm rolling with the rhymes for now at least.

  5. Bias tape
    'round the nape
    will keep the shape
    on a cape
    or a drape
    even a grape..............

  6. .... And all I can come up with is that your sweatshirt wouldn't be out of place in an exclusive kids clothes store. No rhymes. No Dr Suess. Sorry.

  7. Thanks. He would have also written prose,... I suppose...

  8. love the shirt, I have yet to make friends with my double needle! Gotta say, that Dr. Seuss is not the friendliest bedtime reading because the kids giggle too much and mom's tongue gets tired.

    1. What, you can't read such flibber flubber? Your tongue isn't made of rubber?
      I feel guilty whenever I buy a Dr Seuss book as I do hear my poor hubby tripping over his words, for me the only one that's just too much some nights is the Circus McGurkus.
      I'm still playing with knit sewing, it must be about 1 year since my first trial with knits. There are so many little tricks to make it look more pro, and invariably it's cheap fabric so you have a licence to stuff things up, right?.

  9. oh, how I love the hand stitching around the car! I love little embellishments like this. . . one of the ways to make our kids clothes so personal and unique. Great job!

  10. The ink he likes to drink is pink. Yep, I know my way around Dr. Seuss.

    I like the finished look of the neck, but my bobbin thread is always too tight when I sew with my double needle. I hesitate to mess with the bobbin tension .

    1. I'd had trouble with the bobbin thread breaking on my hems and got some great tips in the Oliver + S forums, link here:
      I haven't bought any super bobbin thread yet, but I cranked up the needle tension (I don't think I can adjust my bobbin tension) until the bobbin thread had a good zig zag to it, That's what gives it the stretch.

  11. the applique stitching is gorgeous! i'm afraid of my double needle. i must take baby steps with knits. :)


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