Wednesday 7 August 2013

Look up there, I made buttons!

Not the crafty type, although the idea of carving my own wooden buttons or making nice baked clay or resin ones does appeal....

Nope, I made techy, internet linky buttons and I made them with chain rings around the outside. Yay for The Flipper is in bed and I'm dreading him pointing out, in the cold light of morning,  that my chainring image courtesy of google images is of some nasty cheap chainring and I should have googled an XTR image.

With thanks to this blog post: My Favourite Things: How To Add Buttons for the computer help.

There's lots of pictures in my Flickr pool that you're welcome to browse, but I don't really use my Facebook profile (except to get discount sale vouchers) and the Pinterest account is brand new for the sake of the button. However, I'm feeling very much the grown up, crafty sewing blogger all of a sudden so just don't go clicking and expecting much.... Yet...

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